Restoration Curl Spa 5-Product Bundle ($105 Value)

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Tired of dry, breaking hair that never seems to stay moisturized? Look no further that this 5 product set containing your entire Wash Day lineup: gentle cleanser, leave-in conditioner,  intensive conditioner and a hair styler


Carribean Coils - Coconut Cream Hair Milk - 8 fl oz -  

Creamy coconut milk packed with emollients for amazing hair moisture. Is there a thing that coconut-derived products can't do? Well in this hair milk, Coconut milk is mixed into some cocoa butter to bring your hair some much needed moisture and shine


Carribean Coils - Cranberry Cocktail Moisture Mist - 8 fl oz -

Your hair needs a pick-me-up. Spritz liberally for instant moisture.  A cocktail for your hair? Betta believe it! Mist the heck out of your hair with moisture brought forth by Cranberry and Green tea extract Perfect for dry scalp situations as well.


Carribean Coils - Seal & Twist Soufflé - 8 fl oz -

Seal and twist your hairstyles with this Seal & Twist Souffle.  Fluffy twist outs are all the rage! Ensure that you get those twists juicy when you use this Souffle. Warning tho: You may not be able to keep your hands out of your hair!


Carribean Coils - Brazilian Berry Deep Treatment - 8 fl oz - 

Take a trip to the Brazilian rain forest with the moisturization that this deep treatment brings to your hair. Star ingedients: Babbassu Oil and Blueberry extract.  Deep conditioning treatment you'll try once and know you'll never look again. After one session you'll notice the moisture seep into each strand of hair creating the perfect condition for pain-free, manageable hair styling.


Carribean Coils - Cleansing Co-Wash - 8 fl oz - 

A lightweight co-wash with gentler cleaning power.  Skip the long drawn out wash days and reserve your arm strength. This rich smelling wash infused with Yucca root and peppermint oil is the knock out product that a girl with little time on her hands needs.

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Restoration Curl Spa 5-Product Bundle ($105 Value)

Restoration Curl Spa 5-Product Bundle ($105 Value)