Clear It Out Detox Charcoal Mask - 2oz | 60ml

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    We all love a good detox do its work in drawing out the impurities and dirt our skin collects throughout the day.  That’s exactly why this mask is win; charcoal, kaolin and montmorillonite clay combine to clear out skin while doing it’s best to retain moisture. Results are almost magical. 


    This is a face mask with Activated Charcoal, minus the parabens, sulfates and talc. Need we say more? 


    After a few consistent uses, you should be able to see improved skin texture and smoothness. Results may vary. Also, make sure you do not apply this mask more than 3 times within a given 7 day period.


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Clear It Out Detox Charcoal Mask - 2oz | 60ml

Clear It Out Detox Charcoal Mask - 2oz | 60ml