Breathe Deep: The Ultimate Wellness Guide


Why is self care/wellness important?

  • Connects our minds with our bodies for stronger mental health 
  • It’s a great way to display self-love and compassion for our bodies 
  • Helps you stay centered so that you lead a more proactive life  

Best practices and tips

  • Make self-care a daily or weekly ritual Give yourself time to process the hard parts of life by giving yourself quiet time to care dor yourself. Self care is just as important as exercise and healthy eating; you set yourself up for smoother thinking and easier processing of life’s confusing events 

  • Self-care and wellness could be anything you decide it to beDetermine your favorite unwinding activity: is it a bath with a glass of wine and candles all around? Or a highly complex skincare routine every night? It is completely up to you and whatever you decide it be as long as it gives you respite from the stress of everyday life. 

  • Doesn’t need to break the bankSave your coins or splurge them if you’ve got it! However, sometimes popular displays of self-care depict them as expensive when they don’t have to be. You can make it as inexpensive sitting in a quiet room and meditating or as pricey as weekly full-body stone massages. It’s totally up to you.   

For tonight’s luxurious bath

We recommend a tall glass of wine while you submerge your body into water. For your daily baptism, use these tried and true products that are great for your skin and smell delicious.

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Your most elaborate skincare routine

When you’ve got an afternoon clear of meetings and you need a pick me up, go for the over-the-top-10-product-or-more skincare routine. And trust me, no one here will judge you for it.

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Rub and meditate

Close your eyes and rub your skin with these soft balms/exfoliants made for face and body. Drop all your worries as you moisturize; the world will seem like a much better place once you’ve worked on yourself.

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