Nah, I don't do dry, 

flaky skin! 

by: Kayrina Gunther 

Customer since 2019

Name: Kayrina 

Lives in: Decatur, Georgia 

Usually shops in: Ulta Beauty, sometimes Sally Beauty 

As someone with severely dry skin, I was in the market for good exfoliating products that would scrub off all the dead skin on my face but also provide that deep clean I was looking for. It took me a while to find the right mix of products that would not dry my skin out even more. Trust me I did not want to make those problems worse. 

 What I hated the most about having dry skin is touching my chin and literally feeling the tough, textured skin. I used to have the bad habit of rubbing my fingers on the skin because the texture bothered me so much. 

 Then I came across an ad for, a website aimed at curating high quality black owned brands. I went straight to the skin care section and did some browsing. After some quick research, I finally purchased the about mentioned products about a week (or two) ago.

Products I used:

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Mint to Love Body Toner - 4 oz

Tone the skin around your body with this revolutionary body skin toner! Unclogs pores to reveal clear skin

Botanical Oil - 1oz

Gentle exfoliating night oil



An amazing facial oil to work overtime on your skin while you sleep. Wake up to nourished skin packed with nutrients and extracts to bring forth that all-natural glow. 



* Luxurious application to the face and neck 

* Powerful dropper you can use to control product flow and usage 

* Luminous glow brought forth by the healthy after glow you'll get as you apply



Apply to a freshly washed face by either directly applying drops to your face or putting a few drops on your palms and warming it up in your hands. 


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