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About us


I felt that the world was missing a place where women of color can go with ease to find something within minutes that has already been curated with their beauty concerns in mind. You won't have to go and think "will this shade fit my complexion"? You'll go in knowing: "I'm highly likely to find my shade because it was created specifically for women like me."


Tried looking it up online and can't find anything similar - a few are just about selling a product but nothing is ever curated or picked out especially for women of color. This means the quality of the products selected are put on the site and customers can obtain it under personal flash sales - exciting ways to introduce products that are new, exciting and different that will benefit this demographic. KARIF centralizes the way you shop by connecting you with the indie or foreign beauty brands you never heard of



Women of color work too hard to find beauty products that work for them. We are weary of finding beauty in a market that is over saturated with too many choices or no choice at all.
KARIF officially sent out its first subscription box in May 2014 and has since evolved into an exclusive troupe of modern women of color, who want quality products for their beauty needs without the mainstream fuss or conventional price tag. As a way to live up to it’s Afro-Arawakan roots, KARIF seeks to create an identity that embraces diversity and defies the typical standard of beauty.
 KARIF was born out of  a dream for an online beauty destination that did not omit people of darker shades and diverse hair textures.  Thoughtfully named “Karif”, an Arawakan-Indian word for mixture and fusion, we sought to create a unifying identity that defied everything that is considered less classically beautiful. All of this encapsulates the KARIF experience available to all members.