Watch Makeup Swatches on Pretty Brown Skin on

Since getting back on the groove of things here at Karif, we took some time to get to learn you guys out. You’ve spoken and we have listened. A few customers requested that swatches of products be shown for a better feel of the cosmetics they were buying on

Women of color in the United States already spend $7.5 billion dollars on cosmetics. And although we have seen some progress, the beauty industry still market to white women. As a darkly complexioned woman (the type of woman categorized “other” by the beauty industry) you're forced to become an educated consumer by either tuning in to the makeup goddesses on YT or extremely broke because now you have spent your rent money on foundation.

The Karif Team, in an effort to help you save money and time we’ve started adding 10 to 15 second product videos showing a swatch of color cosmetics (foundation, lips, eyes, cheeks)  on beautiful medium-to-dark skin. Click on one of the products below to give it a whirl!

What are your thoughts on these product videos? Are they helpful or not?

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