August 10, 2017
The Case for Healthier Makeup

Ok, so every woman I know has a full schedule balancing work life, family life, personal life and just life in general all together in the span of 24 hours a day. Of course you have seen the meme  “Even Beyonce has 24 hours in her day” Yassssss! However, Image is everything, but then again it tells you everything about health regimen and overall skin care. How can we balance wonder woman life while rocking fashionably fab makeup looks and tips without damaging our skin for the long haul.

The Great debate

With so many products and beauty providers guaranteeing us instant flawless skin, that defy gravity and radiate luminous golden dewy rays of beauty…say that to yourself every morning as you begin your beauty regimen and choosing what to use for your upkeep, however, the best predictor in selecting a beauty product relies on how well do you know your skin and what is your current beauty regiment daily and nightly treatments for your skin?

Once you have honed in on your individual beauty secrets and best regiment you can then begin to make healthier decisions for your make up selections and ultimately overall skincare that will not only be focused on your facial maintenance, but overall head to toe experience! Your skin is your largest and fastest growing organ, so treat it well.


Elsa Arauz

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