Roll your Bantu Knots perfectly in these simple steps

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Bantu Knots, also known as Zulu Knots, are used to create coily spirals on relaxed and natural hair. Though this style is extremely cute and heatless, it can take some time to learn how to do. I have seen people use pins to keep their Bantu Knots in place; however, the style does not require any pins at all. The goal of the Bantu Knot is to wind your hair in a knot that protrudes upward. A lot of us end up with flat round knots that don’t give desired results. Don’t fret. I ran across this hair tutorial from...

Half Up Half Down Top Knot

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I’ve been seeing the Half Up/Half Down Top Knot all over Youtube and Instagram. I used to wear this as a child, but now it has come back into style with a grown and sexy twist. This is a cute hair style for any hair type. Great to wear anytime and is a great go-to on bad hair days. It is very simple to achieve; However, I have included a few tutorials for natural hair and straight hair/weave to look at. Let us know if you try this style!   Ms. Rosie is a hair and beauty enthusiast from Chicago,...

3 Ways To Deep Condition Without A Hooded Dryer

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A quick and beneficial way to deep condition hair is to use heat. A lot of the time, a hooded dryer is advised for those benefits. Hooded dryers are great because heat is evenly encompassed around the head to provided optimal absorption/adsorption of the conditioner. However, it isn't the only way to utilize heat for deep conditioning.   Now, I love my hooded dryer, but it is a bit bulky. Plus, a hooded dryer makes me immobile for the 15-30 minutes that I am deep conditioning which is really tedious. For many of us, the cost of a good quality...