13 Brown Beauty Bloggers We Believe are Heaven Sent

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Every year in the world of brown beauty a new face pops up providing their audience with a unique flair when it comes to dishing out beauty, hair or skin care tips. Beauty bloggers are influential in the sense that their beauty hacks make women of color feel more beautiful and better about themselves.  Before these brown beauty chicks, our eyeshadow was poorly blended and we had no idea to care for our complicated natural or relaxed hair. Thanks to them, we are able to step into the world looking on point without breaking the bank. Here is our top 13...

6 hairstyles natural hair brides love in 2015

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Love can spark at any season, but summer season is wedding season! Weddings. aside from being a testament of eternal love, are also huge events that showcase high beauty and fashion.  With natural hair rapidly becoming the ultimate show of beauty; peep the top natural wedding hairstyles brides chose in 2015: 1. The TWA These "Tiny Little Afros" make a lasting impression on the eyes of your guests (and your groom) on your wedding day.  You can rock a TWA in any way you want to reflect your personality! 2. Partly braided corn-rolled Updo Updo's are fun to style hassle...