Pat McGrath is Revolutionary #BlackGirlMagic

The next thing we’re getting served on the “hit” list are the latest creation out of the mind of legendary celebrity makeup artist, Pat McGrath. If you have no idea who she is, where have you been living? Under a rock? Girl, there are already a very limited number of black female makeup artists that have reached her level of notoriety and have gone on to create quality products with girls like you and I (dark skin girls, specifically) in mind.

So, I will leave it up to you to research Pat Mcgrath’s complete bio, but I will give you 5 things she is definitely known for:

  1. Her first time: Her love for makeup and fashion were first sparked by her mother. Together they would comment on clothing worn in the movies they watched together and her mother would quiz her about different eyeshadows.

  1. Multi-talented: She designed Armani’s full range cosmetics line in 1999.

  1. World renowned: Works have been featured in magazines like Harpers Baazar and Vogue, a celebrated runway makeup artist.
  1. Hands on: She is known for inventive use of materials, as in she will hand make shades on the spot and mainly works with her fingers instead of makeup brushes.
  1. In November 2016, she launched Metalmorphosis eyeshadows which include brilliant shades of precious metals such as gold, copper, silver and bronze.  

And new to hit the and Sephora on July 19 and 27, respectively are her latest collection of matte lipsticks, LUST: MatteTrance boasting “supreme hydration and opulent matte opacity”. With the huge success trailing off of her last cosmetic launch, we’re sure that LUST: MatteTrance will live up to its claim.

All 9 shades listed from left to right: 

1. 1995, Warm light nude

2. Omi, Mild toned rose 

3. Flesh 3, Brown rose 

4. Full Panic, Bright Fuchsia 

5. Elson, Blue red

6. Obsessed! Bright orange red

7. Antidote, Magenta violet

8. Mcnenamy, Deep burgundy 

9. Deep Void, Deep blackened purple

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