What the KatVonD & Jeffree Starr controversy teaches us about the new face of the beauty world

As beauty feinds, we are aware of most things that occur in the beauty world, even the ugly ones. Recently social media and most of the beauty world was caught in a whirlwind surrounding two beloved makeup artist and social influencers in their own right, KatVonD and Jeffree Starr.

If you don’t know who KatVonD is, she is the creator of the immensely popular (and in my opinion, highly-pigmented) KatVonD make up line of eyeshadows and lipsticks. Jeffree Starr Cosmetics is Jeffree Starr’s brain child and since it’s launch in 2014, the brand has launched several matte lip shades and three highlighters and one makeup palette that have received positive reception in fans all throughout the beauty world.

Jeffree Star has been embroiled in several controversies that has left people accusing him of being a bully, a racist and now a money-worshipping individual, according to KatVonD. In a newly released video, KatVonD revealed that they had been friends for many years and claimed that she helped Jeffree in the creation of his now-popular makeup line. The video explains that the logo, used widely on the all Jeffree Starr products and brand website had been created by a graphic designer we later failed to compensate:


In the midst of all the accusations and feud between these two beloved makeup artists, it is impossible to not see the issues within the beauty industry and why it has now become so ugly. In this age of social media, it is common to see that people follow or subscribe to their favorite YouTuber or Instagram influencer. And in the recent year or two it is also common to see that most online beauty influencers/vloggers are now creating their own makeup lines, or partnering with an existing prestige brand to produce makeup products with said influencers. This has created an economy based solely on personality where consumers don’t necessarily know much about the product, but will purchase it because the face of their favorite vlogger is now on it.

This could be a good thing, but an unintended consequence is that it can create fan groups that vilify and condemn one another. Scandal after scandal create divisive feuds that fuel online chatter and controversy about what an influencer does or says against another.

It’s so easy to invent drama, but why are the people teaching us to be beautiful treat each other so ugly? It asks a fundamental question about the character of those we follow, whose advice influences our buying decisions.

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