Have you ever “Rented Makeup”? [Plus Announcement!!]

Do you know how much black women spend on beauty per year? $7.5 billion, according to this ground breaking study.  Now ask yourself, how many times in this past year alone were you dissatisfied with a new beauty product you bought? Well, for babes like you that are tired of dropping coins on lackluster products or if you’ve dealt with different brands’ confusing return policies, this is for you!

Yesterday, we launched the Rent New Makeup option on Karifbeauty.com, targeted towards beauty mavens that love trying out makeup but hate having to take a financial L every time you shop for products. Right now, you’re either receiving random beauty products in the mail from a subscription service, or swatching something at Sephora under unrealistic lighting. 

What if we told you that you could select full- sized makeup, have it shipped to your residence, and try it on for as long as 180 days? Get a full range of opinions on products you intentionally select and not even pay for it in full until after you’ve taken the time to swatch it IRL?

Rent New Makeup is only in Beta but we’re taking signups and applications now before we launch it to the world at large. Here are some highlights of this service: 


  1. Save time and money by swatching all the products you want without constantly paying full price for it
  2. If you don’t like it, returns are easy and free. No questions asked.
  3. Protect the environment by reducing product packaging & waste
  4. You control all variables: cost, product selection & frequency

To be honest, this is one of the greatest ideas we’ve ever imagined and it’s already getting RAVE reviews: 


"I've already effectively swatched 10 products in the comfort my home! But that's not the only thing that makes this so amazing, though: it's the fact that I can rock it for 30 days and pay later if I love it. Such a great idea and JUST what I needed!"

-Tamika James, Houston, TX


"Wow I swatched like 5 different foundations and kept two. The other ones I returned after about a week of trying it on and  not liking it. What I love is that the shipping is free and the return process is seamless. You can literally wear your product for several days and see if you like it on the day to day. This is future of beauty."

- Mary Evanston, Wilmington, DE



"My entire beauty shopping experience was turned upside down. I am always hesitant to by makeup online because its so hit or miss and sometimes rave reviews don't work until you try the products out for yourself. The best thing about renting is that you don't pay the full amount upfront, olny until after the 30 days have hit! Like how genius is that?! I had to tell all my girls to start shopping asap!"

- Genevieve Thomas, Washington, DC


So are you ready to Rent New Makeup, instead of buying it? Okay, let’s hear how excited you are in the comments! 

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