Get to Know Our Model, Thasfia Chowdbury!

This coming weekend, beauty will be served like you've never seen it before. We prepare for our first major shoot of the year, featuring beauty in the most artistic forms ever seen. It's KARIF's effort to revamp the brand and to create a certain image that even the shyest girl can subscribe to: fierceness, exclusivity, and magic!

One of our featured models, Thasfia Chowdhury is an embodiment of the cause. After responding to our casting call for models on our Instagram page, we were immediately taken by her effortless pizazz and penchant for highly entrancing photos. 


In short, Thasfia Chowdhury is a rising college freshman from South Asia, and when she craves the purest form of love, she goes back to the country of her ancestors. Since her sophomore year in high school, she's found herself at actions and rallies, collectively protesting change in and for oppressed communities. Her love for writing intertwines with her passion for activism, garnering a resistance that has lead her to starting her own research on Assimilation within the Bangladeshi Diaspora, to creating her own non-profit organization for working class, girls in South Jamaica, Queens. Thasfia is a creative soul, motivating her to model, skate, take pictures of the sky and read books about freedom, intersectional feminism, and women who dare to be daring. 


See more of Thasfia during our shoot this Sunday. We'll be catching snippets of the beauty action through Snapchat (@nove3beauti) & Instagram (@karif_beauty)! Make sure you are following so you don't miss a thing! 

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