Finally, A makeup brand with foundations that match HUMAN skin.

The worst thing that can happen to you at a Sephora beauty counter is to have to swatch through one thousands and one foundation shades only to find out that neither one fits your skin closely. It’s always hard for me but on one occasion I saw how difficult it was for my friend Diana, who has dark chocolate skin, to find the shade that fit her.

I saw how it all unfolded in front of me:  here was my friend swatching foundations from NARS, Tarte, Lancome and Giorgio Armani (yes, she was willing to spend the extra cash!) and they were all either too ashy, too red-tones or a couple of shades off. One of the customer reps at sephora even subjected her to a silly attempt to match her foundation with the ColorIQ technology that they place on three different parts of your face to pinpoint the most immediate shade for your skin. The service rep came back with two different foundations and applied each to either side of her face. When she was done, she and I stepped back, took a look and said, “Nah.”

We’ve all faced similar struggles which is why I was very excited to find out about HueNoir, a makeup brand created by cosmetic scientist, Paula Hayes back in 2014. After many years reviewing and approving thousands of new health and beauty products for an enormous corporation, she decided to venture into a solution that was being widely ignored by the mainstream beauty world: makeup that perfectly enhanced color payoff, moisturization, oil absorption, and longer wear for the modern woman.

The awesome folks sent samples of their True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation which retails for $30.00 and carries a range of 25 shades; 7 shades offered for fair to medium skin complexions and 18 shades offered for deep to dark skin tones which is by far the largest fair to dark shade ratio I’ve seen in a long time. HueNoir sent me samples of three foundation shades for me to match: Chestnut, Hazelnut, Gingerbread.

A review of the claims

Color Payoff - 5/5

I swatched all three on my arm to find the closest shade to apply, All three of them would  look similar to the untrained eye, but I immediately noticed the differences between the three:

Chestnut was yellow toned, Hazelnut red toned and Gingerbread was cooler. I dabbed Hazelnut on my face and used a kabuki brush to gently pound it into the skin. The foundation not only matched my skin perfectly, it added an illuminating glow to my face. Application was flawless too; the cream-based foundation moved like a lightweight lotion that my skin seemed to drink up.  

Moisturization - 4.5/5

As mentioned before, the foundation applied just like lotion, but was it hydrating? The foundation took well to my skin in that is easy to apply and buildable. The formula is lightweight and I barely felt it on my face. I forgot that that the foundation was there.

Oil Absorption - 1.5/5

On the claim of better oil absorption I must tell the truth; by the end of the day (12 or so hours had passed) my face was oily around my nose and forehead. However, I must also add that it was 85 degrees out and the weather could have been a factor in causing my oily skin. Despite the hot weather, It seems like the foundation had not budged at all and held up as I applied it 12 hours before.

Long Wear - 3/5

During the 12 hours I wore this foundation I cleaned, did laundry, filmed a video and wrote this blog post. There aren’t any patchy spots on my face of where the foundation may have moved. The foundation’s power remained consistent all throughout my face.

Thinking back to the little situation I went through some time back with Diana, I remembered her rep at Sephora scurried off to get more foundation for her to try on. When she came back, Diana had to withstand the removal and application of two more foundation shades being beat into her face again.  When the rep was done, she took one look in the mirror and shook her head; neither one matched remotely close with her neck.

HueNoir would have been a better option for my Diana to try then those higher end, premium priced brands that offer foundations that cost double than HueNoir’s foundation. With darker shades like Espresso and Carob, Diana’s search would have ended the minute she swatched them. This is not to say that these foundations provide a perfect match for every skin complexion, but with 18 shades expressing the nuances of dark skin it’s damn well possible.

Try True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation for yourself when it launches for a limited time at on September 17th!  Sign up for our email list so you don’t miss out!

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