BrownBeautyTalk Beauty Idol: Elsa Arauz, founder of KARIF

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Elsa N. Arauz is the founder of KARIF, an online destination for Women of Colour. It started life a subscription box but has now evolved into She took time out to tell me about how she created her beauty brand.

What made you decide to set up your own beauty business?
I set up my own beauty business because I wanted to affect change on an industry that treated brown women as a silent minority whose buying power propels a significant percentage of their profits. I was pushed to start KARIF because I was infuriated but at the same time filled with a passion I had never had for anything else before. Soon after I was struck with the idea to start KARIF, I created my business plan and tried my best to put the plan into action

What is the concept behind KARIF?
The concept is to make finding beauty products easy and fun. I want to create something that people could rely on for products that were brown girl friendly to take away the stress and the research that comes from finding a product that works well on your skin or hair. You won’t have to walk into a department store and find a shelf coldly labeled ethnic products meant for the “others”; on KARUF you’re serviced based on your uniqueness of beauty, style and personality. It’s more personal.....[Read More]


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