July 02, 2017

The beauty world was set on fire last week with the release of the limited edition Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette.  Prior to its release, a few of our favorite beauty gurus posted videos giving us a preview of what to expect. Launch day came and went for Jaclyn Hill’s palette as more that 200,000 units sold within 2 hours!


So now that it’s in our hands we want to see the fabulous eye looks our fave black beauty gurus have created with this wondrous set of colors.  Color cosmetics is a tricky game for those of us with melanin in our skin.  Not only do products need to measure up to skin types and formulas, they need to address these four common factors when it comes to dark skin:


  1. Pigmentation: Are the eyeshadows packed with rich colors? Are the nude and yellow shades saturated enough to show well on dark skin?
  2. Blendability: Can these eyeshadows blend into the skin or with the other colors in the palette?  Will these blends show well on dark skin?
  3. Durability: How well do these eyeshadow hold up? Will the colors smudge up at the first sign of moisture/humidity? Will the colors fade within a few hours.
  4. Cost: Considering all of the aforementioned factors, are these eyeshadows worth the price? As black women we have limited options at the drugstore level - we find better quality and wider shade ranges in prestige brands. We need to be sure the products we buy and worth the coins.


If you weren’t able to grab Jaclyn’s palette during the first run, don’t worry! Keep the four points we have listed above as a guide in your research process if your interested in buying. Get a head start by watching these five beauty gurus create enviable eye looks you’ll want to try for yourself!





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