Remember how we shared our latest photo shoot in last week's post?

Remember how we shared our latest photo shoot in last week's post? Well, it was a huge success! Our beautiful models Thasfia Chowdbury and Issa Martinez came through to bring epic poses of beauty. Immensely talented makeup artist Moshoodat brought forth our vision of KARIF to action. Our photographer Moraima captured the beauty that representing our brand for years to come. 



Despite the shoot starting off a bit late, our models and makeup artist created masterpiece of the time we had left. We started makeup about an hour and a half into the shoot within a studio that was booked at the half day rate. We had very little time to play around! 



Who knew shoots could be so hard to organize! We literally had booked this studio less than a week before the shoot after our original location had been incipiently booked. Our models however had agreed to the shoot at least a month before we held. The moral of this lesson is: always think on your feet because last minute changes around bound to happen. Had it not been for the teams fast resolution to this problem, this shoot may have been delayed or could have never happened at all. 




Nonetheless, we managed to move through makeup and photographs quickly. Our photography, Moraima Capellan directed the models through their positioning and posing to capture the total look we were going for. We're extremely lucky to have her! 



All in all, it was a pretty fun shoot! We had the chance to meet one another for the first time and build connections within an industry that has made it increasingly difficult for women of color to shine and take center stage. We are extremely proud of our production team and what they were able to accomplish that afternoon. 

What do you think? Are you an aspiring photographer, makeup artist, model or overall beauty professional? If you'd like to be a part of our creative team make sure you contact our team at


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