5 Things I learned about Beauty from Watching Telenovelas

Televnovelas are such an intrinsic part of Latin American pop culture and family time.  Every evening, family and friends gather around the television to get wind of the latest plot twist on novelas, a.k.a dramas that unfold before our eyes. We gasp together when an invent good-doer is murdered in cold blood by the story's villan and get watery eyed when the beautiful protagonist of the story is rescued by her adoring (and very handsome) lover. 


The love stories provide the escape from our daily hard lives. Forty-five minutes later, you're walking through a land of fantasies where the most beautiful things happen. One thing novelas never seemed to lack are beautiful women! These are 5 things telenovelas showed me about beauty: 


1. Flowers is a necessary accessory

Some girls like flowers and others don't. But in Telenovela world, almost all the ladies, villain or hero wear a flower or two in their hair. Flowers are idealic and are epic representations of natural beauty and goodness - which create the character the leading belle must possess.



2. Strong eyebrows frame the face even with minimal makeup

Natural looking makeup is key in telenovelas. The leading actress has makeup that that resembles her gentle, natural and loving persona. Eyebrows are the main part of the face that is brought to live leaving the rest of the face to fall into place naturally. No contour and over-exaggerated highlight glow.



3. Natural looking makeup beats cake face

One thing our tias coveted and our tios loved was how dewy and healthy skin on the actresses looked. We wondered if it was makeup or a very elaborate skin care routine. But one thing we were always sure of is that everyone (including the men)  never looked cakey or pasty. 



4. Short hair is a understated statement

Short hair is synomous with rebellion since long hair has been regarded by Western society as a primary distinguisher between male and female and a sign of fertile health. Being short - haired has long since been attributed to rebellious or trailblazing female characters  within their novelas. 



5. Curls and manicures go hand in hand 

 Picture the most passionate scene involving the two lead actors. Her soft curls bounce in the air while she runs her hand through her lover's head. Curly hair and manicured fingers are a constant in telenovelas and a detail that puts the entire look in order. She is a gorgeous goddess, perfectly balanced from head to toe.  


Are you a fan of telenovelas? What's been your favorite classic look? Share because we wanna know! 


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