How to Master the Neon and Highlight Makeup Trend

Everybody loves spring, the weather gets warmer, it's acceptable to drink iced coffee again and we FINALLY get to use some of our makeup that have been collecting dust all winter long. Spring 2016 is all about minimal makeup, lots of beauty, neon’s & highlight. Because of my eagerness, I've been trying out a few looks the past few weeks even though I've been bundled up to my eyes in scarves. Seriously though, what’s up with this weather? To get me through my cold gloomy days I have been throwing a pop of color on my lips with some long lashes and highlight.




Neon and Highlight


It’s very hard sometimes to find the RIGHT neon for you. The last thing you want to look like is a disaster from an 80’s music video. But luckily I cracked the neon code and found two amazing shades that will fit any girl. The first one I picked up is "Morocco" soft matte lip cream by NYX. This shade is the perfect rusty orange without looking too red. The next one I picked up was “Candy Yum Yum” by Mac. A stellar bright pink that brightens up your look and makes your teeth look extra white. That’s always a plus right? For eyes I have been pulling out all my wispy lashes. Steering away from thickness but just enough fullness to make your eyes pop and stay natural.   My go-to pair have been “Miami” by Lilly Lashes. They give just enough of that added length to your eyes that you can still flutter those haters away.


Last but not least for this look, highlight. Every girl loves a good highlight, but why spend the big bucks when you can go to Elf Cosmetics and pick up "Moonlight Serenade" baked eyeshadow for $3. This has given me so much life and brighten my cheekbones more than I ever could dream of. Pop a little of this on your upper lip and the bridge of your nose, pretty soon you’ll be glowing like a goddess.   If you’re someone who likes to play up your eyes more rather than your lips, you can pick up neon eyeliner like "Inch Worm" by NK Cosmetics. I love to take this color and put it on my water line. It brings out any eye color and creates a really cool vibe to your look. To pair with your neon eyes, try out a nude/baby pink color.


Lately I have been obsessing over “Baby Doll” by NYX’s lingerie collection.   Spring is the perfect time to play with your looks before summer rolls around and all your makeup sweats off. Keep it fresh and beautiful! Until then, make sure you incorporate all those bold bright colors, long lashes and nude lips!  

I'm a 21 years old living (trying to survive) in the good ol' big apple. I breathe, eat, sleep, matte lipsticks & anyway to grow my hair longer. I never miss a day without false eyelashes or Dunkin' iced coffee. You can find me every Friday night in bed with Chinese food, head banging at my boyfriends concerts, or on Twitter at @SierraMBeauty

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