9 Ways to Style Transitioning Natural Hair

As a transitioning natural, I’ve had to jump through a few hurdles. I’ve managed to solve the breakage issue by employing an occasional protein treatment every few weeks. As a transitioning natural, I discovered my hair porosity to know how to better moisturize my hair. My hair is now the softest it’s ever been (even when I was relaxed!)  


So now I’ve taken a new challenge: styling my hair. I’ve learned to flat-twist my hair after it’s been washed. But I’ve noticed how frizzy and uneven my hair looks after taking them down the next day. I can attribute that to the relaxed ends that hang lifelessly under my natural texture. The realization is that any style I attempt to create will look off due to the fact I have two different textures in my hair. The decision now lies in constantly flat ironing my hair to straighten the natural texture to match the relaxed parts, or learning how to do heat-free styles that look fabulous on natural hair. Since I am achieving healthy natural hair, heat-free is the way to go! Here’s a small gallery of styles I will plan to rock!




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