Caring for yourself: 7 step guide to self care

In our stressful, fast-paced world, its very easy to get lost in the fray. This is especially true when you are a woman: you have goals, standards you would like to achieve, family obligations, career considerations and it can all take a toll on you. Take me for example. I am fairly young. I am very ambitious. At this point in time, I am taking very considerable risks that most people would say I am crazy for. I graduated college over two years ago and the initial goal was to go to law school and pursue a career as an attorney.  From my high school years up until my final years in college, this was the only goal I was working towards. And it was a sure thing.



self care


However, in late 2013, I was magically given the idea to start a business. And this wouldn't be just any type of business, it would be a first in its class, a game-changer that would make the lives of many people easier when it came to finding beauty brands that were WOC friendly. So I embarked on the journey, having suffered many sleepless nights, touch decisions, self-doubt and loneliness. While this journey has been way more positive than it has been difficult, I found myself many times dealing with burnout and stress.  Hitting rock bottoms is oftentimes the best way to learn something essential about yourself and so throughout these years, I have found these seven things to be useful in guiding me to caring for myself.  

  1. Sing your favorite song/Dance naked - I admit, I am on the quirky side of life, but its definitely worked for me. I simply put on my headphones or blast my favorite song on the speakers (sans headphones) and sing out loud. I cant express how gratifying the feeling is when you sing. To me, its like exhaling a long-held breath that had been stuck in you for so long. I instantly feel better, rejuvenated and ready to take on any B.S. that comes my way

  2. Turn off my phone - Technology is consuming our lives. We don't know how to hang out with our friends and family any more without snatching up our phones and checking the latest on our Instagram feeds. I am probably the most guilty of this because I run a  completely online brand, but whenever I detach myself form the distractions, I am better able to appreciate whatever is happening in front of me. And part of caring for yourself is being present.

  3. Travel/Adventure - Traveling has a way of opening your mind to new possibilities, ideas, cultures and ways of life different than your own. Once you start venturing outside of the usual radius of your home and work, you find yourself interacting with new things that you will learn from. Trust me, you will always be very happy to come back home (because there is no place like home), but you will appreciate the mundane a little better.

  4.  Lunch/Dinner with a close friend - Grab your friends and go out for a meal! Have those heart to hearts and entrust your fears and doubts into the listening ear of someone you trust and respect. You will notice that people have different ways of viewing things and maybe because they are not directly involved in the situation, they are more likely to drop major wisdom on your life.

  5. Share an intimate moment with your partner - Sex does the body wonders. Its a great way to relax the mind and get your heart racing. It's way better when it's with someone you love, though. Practice safely.

  6. Wash dishes or focus on a chore - I'm a bit lazy, but whenever I muster the will to clean something I immediately find that it is relaxing and keeps me in the moment.  During the entire time that I clean, my mind is completely blank. I'm not worrying about whatever lies in the future, or the regrets of my past, I am entirely focused on removing that smudge on the floor or leaving my kitchen squeaky clean.

  7. Play with a child - connecting with a child not only benefits them, it helps you immensely. A child will give you their purest love and when you reciprocate it the end result is joy. Realizing their innocence at that point in their lives brings you back to that childlike state where your only goal is to laugh and have fun. 


Well there you have it, seven ways to care for yourself.  Remember, if you can't care for yourself, your work and passions will greatly suffer for it. We only produce our best work when we are doing well.  What kind of steps would you add to this guide. Do you care for your self? Tell me how in the comment section under this post.

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