Melanie Yvette: Brown Girl Pride and Realness All rolled Into One
Melanie Yvette   It's hard to find a beauty connoisseur that is keeps it real like Melanie Yvette does. A former Beauty and Style editor for EBONY magazine, Melanie went on to create one the most honest beauty websites for women of color, especially those of us with dark complexions which the industry, she notes, always ignores.  She channels the late Karyn Washington in changing the conversation declaring what most of us feel - “Brown women just want to feel like they’re freaking beautiful, K?” From recommending the best orange or purple lipsticks for dark skin, to ranting about her the condescension of referred to as ‘chocolate’, Melanie has created a beauty category in and of itself: FEARLESSNESS.   We managed to chat with the beauty and ask her our famous 12 questions about her passions, her routine and what keeps her fearless. These were her responses.  
  1. First thing in the morning, do you snooze the alarm or get up at once? 
-I snooze for like 15 minutes.  
  1. How would you describe what you do in a few sentences? 
-I am the Editor of, a site for women of color where we have the “other” beauty conversation most mainstream media outlets aren’t willing to have. I also write for and consult with Strength of Nature.  
  1. What experience inspired you to start Beautifully Brown?
-I wouldn’t say an experience inspired me, but more so my own obsession with makeup for girls that looked like me. I’ve always been so into the outlandish makeup trends that were never on Black or darker brown women. Like, orange lipstick. When I was little, I loved how it looked in ads in magazines. But, they never used models that were brown or dark with the bold beauty trends and it bothered me. I think knowing that we could rock the bold trends, too, inspired me the most.  
  1. Top 3 things you do before breakfast
-Well, I drink tea for sure and a glass of water. Sometimes, I write in my journal. Other times, I’ll send out some emails and then hit the gym. It just depends on the day.  
  1. Best piece of advice you've ever received
-When you’re in a time of trouble, rely on these 3 “F” words: facts, faith and feelings. Take a look at the facts, the things you can’t change, and accept them. Then, remind yourself to have faith about the situation, knowing that in the end everything will make sense. From there, deal with your feelings about the situation. My college therapist gave me this advice when I was really torn about going back to an ex. I apply it to every hardship I encounter now.  
  1. What do you love the most about your job?
-I love that I get to interview different women of color and hear their beauty journeys. It’s funny because the questions I ask are usually very basic, but with every woman, I’ve found myself listening to some of their deepest secrets about self-confidence. I like that they trust me to share these things.  
  1. Three beauty trends that fit the best on dark brown skin
-Orange blush -Rainbow freckles -Brown and black lipstick  
  1. What's your working style
-LOL! I work from home, so most of the times sweat pants and a top. But, I’m getting better. Now, I’ll put on a comfy jumper or caftan.  
  1. Describe your beauty/fashion style in 3 words
-Sexy -Feminine -Comfortable  
  1. Heels or flats and why? 
-That’s hard. Until I moved to NYC, I’d say heels. I’d wear heels to the bathroom if I could! But now, I love a chic flat. I really love the new sneakers with dress trend.  
  • Song you're currently obsessed with
-“All That” (The Knocks Remix)” by Carly Rae Jepson. It’s the cutest crush song for summer and her voice is so doll-like.  
  • Mantra that you live by?
-“Five years from now, will this matter? Yes? Okay, then give your all. No? Okay, then stop worrying about it.”

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