The Best Damn Solution to Your Dry, Chapped Lips
As a beauty lover and avid  YouTube watcher, I came across Nicole Guerriero's YouTube Channel and fell in love with her girl-next-door personality and kill makeup skills. The gorgeous Argentine beauty reminds me of an Old Hollywood beauty with accentuated high cheek bones and full, billowing curls. But her love for hip-hop and her care free persona presented makeup to me in a brand new way. At the beginning of each makeup tutorial, after she preps her face with primer and a pore reducing cream, she smooths on a lip mask for ultimate moisturization prior to applying lipsticks. The creamy consistency of the product she was applying onto her lips made me wonder where I can get my own. It seemed so luscious and thick enough to bring super dry lips back to life. That's when I learned about her skin care/cosmetic line, hilariously named Best Damn Beauty.  I had to get my hands on Best Damn Lip Mask and try it for myself.  Luckily the wonderful folks over at Best Damn Beauty sent me the Lip Mask and within days I had it sitting in my mailbox with the ultimate excitement of finally slathering this baby on my lips. best damn Now, I'm the type of girl thats really into lip care in fact, it is not uncommon to find two or three types of lip balms or salves in my purse. It is absolutely vital to me to have my lips moisturized, as I find dry lips to be a absolute nuisance. I reapply as soon as it wears out or after I eat. I can't live without it in the winter when the cold air takes a bite of my lips. And right before I wear lipstick, especially MATTE lipstick, it is essential for comfortable wear throughout the day. So when I received the Lip Mask, I was sold after the very first time I rubbed it on my lips. It literally feels like heaven - your lips are soft, moisturized and protected from the elements and that drying formula most liquid lipsticks tend to have. It's packed with Jojoba oil and shea butter and other really good ingredients that your will feel the minute you put it on your lips! The KARIF beauty team (and I) wholeheartedly recommend this product - and happily announce that it can be found right here, at a fraction of the cost including free shipping, to our VIP members! Try it out, and tell us how you're feeling! And to Nicole Guerriero, thank you for creating such a fabulous product :) BDB Lip Mask

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