There's a Donald Trump Beauty Tutorial?
So, I’m pretty sure that we’re all aware of Donald Trump, the bombastic presidential candidate that has all of us with our mouths to the floor – partly in disbelief and mostly in laughter.  Now, I acknowledge that this is a beauty forum for women of color and that politics is not a topic we focus on, but trust me, what I’m about to put you on to is relevant.Tess Paras, the beautiful Filipino-American actress who has scored numerous roles in shows like Weeds and Grimm hilariously shows us how to embrace the latest makeup trend: Trumping.  First step:  choose a concealer 10 shades lighter than your complexion. Tess recommends the shade “Veiled White Supremacy”.  The following beauty steps are even funnier and well worth 3 minutes of your life.What are your thoughts?

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