10 Things that are Missing from Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Every winter, cooler temperatures and dryness conspire against our hair, skin, and bodies. Fortunately for us, I've created this short list of remedies to ensure that your winter skin care keeps your skin warm, hydrated, and moisturized. I hope all of you can use these beauty tips to your advantage this winter!

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1. Take multivitamins daily

Twice a day, I take Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nail gummies. Not only are they strawberry flavored (yum!), but also a source of Vitamin E and Vitamin C.2. Invest in a humidifier A few weeks ago, I would wake up feeling a stinging sensation in my nose. I then realized that the pain was due to all the dry air in the atmosphere. To alleviate this issue, I bought a humidifier, and poof! My painfully dry nose was gone.3. Use Aquaphor on lipsAquaphor to the rescue! Even if I'm not leaving the house, I put on this lip balm so my lips can stay hydrated and unchapped.4. Deep condition hair for 30 minutes Although deep conditioning hair is important all year round, hair tends to get extra dry in the winter. So the next time you condition your hair, leave it in for at least half an hour - then wash it out with shampoo.5. Drink lemon waterLemon water is a triple threat: it tastes great, gives you a surge of energy, and cleans out all those toxins in your body.6. Mix lotion with baby oil After getting out the shower, diffuse a small amount of oil into your body cream. Then lather it all over your body to lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth.7. Keep hair moisturized and tucked awayAs mentioned in step 4, hair gets super brittle during colder seasons. So in addition to upping the ante on your conditioning routine, you can put your hair in buns and braids. For extra moisture, try the baggy method (putting water + product on your hair then "steaming" your hair by sleeping in a shower cap over night) or the LOC method (putting a liquid, oil, and creme/hair butter in your hair). 8. Dry feet? Apply Vaseline and wear socksIf you don't have the chance to visit a spa for a foot treatment, you can always do it yourself. Apply Vaseline all over your feet, then wear socks overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you'll notice that your feet are sooooo soft.9. Cleanse skin twice a dayMy skin routine is simple: I wash my face with a soap, use a toner to clear excess dirt, then moisturize my skin with a cream/sunscreen combo. Once a week, I use a mild exfoliating scrub from St. Ives. But it's important to follow up with your skin, which is why my three step happens twice a day. Just like we brush our teeth twice a day, we need to tend to our skin often.10. Always use sunscreen A lot of people seem to think that sunscreen is only for the summer. UV rays can cause sunburn and discolouration all year round, so choose a fragrance free sunscreen and protect your face.

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