7 Makeup Hacks for Dark Skin
Yes, brown girls can wear red lipstick ... and much more. RIP Karyn Washington.As brown- skinned ladies, we need to proceed the makeup counter with so much caution, especially if you have a richer shade of brown.  Mainstream beauty lines seem to have ignored us, but are adding bit more options when it comes to catering to women with melanin.Even so, brown girls have to hack their makeup routines and make the best use of the products they already have. Here are some quick tips -- and cautionary no-no's to make your makeup work for you.
  • EYEBROWS - Stay away from black brow pencil

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...and opt for a brown shade that matches closely with your natural hair color. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the reality is that many people opt to go dramatic on the brows with a black brow pencil or color. Doing this throws off your entire face because it looks so unnatural. 
  • BAKING - Set with translucent powder. Always.
makeup hacksmakeup hacks


Don't fall for the beauty experts who say that you have to "bake" your face with yellow-hued setting powder. Always set with translucent or a color-coordinating powder that doesn't build up to much color to the foundation you've just applied to your face. 
  • HIGHLIGHT - Gold hues work best, silver, not so much
makeup hacksWho doesn't love a great highlight? For darker tones, stick to golden-hues. They look better on darker complexions then those that have silvery hues, which tend to settle in looking like powder on our face - and nobody want to look ashy. 
  • CHEEKS - Highly pigmented for greatest effect
 makeup hacks


Highly pigmented colors show well on brown skin. For blush aim for hot-pinks and oranges. Use your discretion when applying because using too much can go really wrong. 
  • DARK SPOTS/CIRCLES - Correct with red/orange lipstick
makeup hacksOne step we tend to overlook is correcting before applying concealer and understanding that concealer won't always conceal deep discolorations in our skin. To truly conceal dark circles or acne scars, grab any red/orange lipstick and dab over those areas.  And next time you by concealer, make sure it has a pink base. These kinds of concealers are hard to find, but they do exist and they're out there. 
  • BRONZER - Red-based bronzer for the win
makeup hacksBronzer looks great on darker complexions when it has a touch of red! 
  • EYELIDS - Conceal to create even canvas
Makeup hackEyelids tend to be the most discolored areas of the face so remember when apply eyeshadow, level out the playing field by applying a concealer of your shade to your eyelid. This helps even out your eyelids and prepares them to show the try colors of whatever eyeshadows you're applying. So there you have it! All of these tips worked for me at one point and another so I know they will be beneficial to you. What other hacks have you picked up over the years? Tell us your thoughts in the comments - we're beauty fanatics so we'd like to hear them![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="default-sidebar"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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