6 Michelle Obama Hairstyles We Absolutely Fawned Over
Now that President Obama's tenure at the White House is quickly coming to a close, we are also very aware that his wife and first lady will be leaving with him as well.  I believe I take the liberty of saying that many of us black women and girls enjoyed seeing Michelle Obama bring tenacious beauty and style to an office mostly occupied by white women. We will be fond of her incredible fashion sense as well - she really turned up the volume in a classy, presidential way, which we believe transmitted signals of Americas glory overseas. And so because we are huge fans of Mrs. Obama's hair game, here are 6 hairstyles we fawned over throughout her 8 years as first lady:  
  • Short Bob with Side-Swept Bang

michelle obama

One of Michelle's signature looks, the short bob with a side swept bang was elegant yet sexy exposing one side of her face and playfully covering the other. The large statement earrings are fitting for hairstyles like these as Michelle accurately depicts in the image above.  

  • Bountiful Medium-Sized Curls

michelle obama

 Mrs. Obama changes up the bob a bit, adds bouncy curls to the mix and pairs it up with wine red lipstick. This is a hairstyle that can be worn with or with out extensions, if you're looking for added effect.  

  • Upsweep Updo

michelle obama

The Upsweep updo looks sweet and easy. Michelle's stylist opted to bring her hair all up into a messy, yet neat updo, with bits and pieces of hair spilling out to create a masterpiece.  

  • Cropped Updo

michelle obama

Mrs. O sported this gorgeous updo for the 2012 Governor's Ball and we have not forgotten it. This cropped 'do is was fitting for an elegant event such as a ball or a gala as it shows of the fabulous neck and bone structure of beautiful women like Michelle.  

  • Shoulder length Bob with Full Bangs

michelle obama

The bangs here are a classic. The look frames her face and draws attention to her immediate facial features: her cheeks and her smile!  

  • Past Shoulder Length Billowing Curls

michelle obama

The fashion world went bananas when Michelle Obama rocked this Vera Wang dress and longer hairstyle to the White House's China State Dinner in September.  She wore her wavy hair to one side and let the dress do the talking and explaining! This is the kind of style we're really gonna miss seeing. Now it's your turn! What is your list of hairstyles that Michelle has worn throughout the years? Any personal faves? Sound off in our comment section below!

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  • Veronica On

    1.my favorite is her updos.2 the Bob style .3curly hair. 4.sweep to side curls. When she has cut and bangs.

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