8 Eyeliner Ideas that You Probably Never Heard of
Your eyeliner should be poppin' just as much as your lipgloss.Eyeliner ideas have been incorporated into many kinds of make up looks, including non-makeup looks. You can apply a subtle eyeliner or make it super dramatic. Eyeliner also accentuates the shape of you eyes making it pop out even more. Who ever invented eyeliner, we would like to thank you.Now, we know you're used to the infamous cat-eye, but what if I told you there is a lot more you can do with eyeliner? Grab your favorite eyeliner and amaze yourself.  Here's our list of amazing eyeliner ideas: 
  1. Eyeliner with a Heart
eyeliner ideas Getting a heart in your eye line is actually easier than it looks. Draw a small heart anywhere along your lash line, draw a thick line and fill it out as you fan out. 
2. Pink and Purple Ombre Liner
eyeliner ideas It doesn't have to be pink and purple; just follow the concept with any two color liner to achieve this look.  But if your shooting for ombre, the colors you choose must be complementary. It's quite simple: Line the first half of your eye with the light color then wing it out with the deeper tone. Or do the exact opposite. It's your life; do whatever you like. 
3. Eyeliner with Cut-Crease
eyeliner ideasThis eyeliner style looks like the cat-eye just remixed. Draw your traditional line and line the outer 3/4 of your crease to achieve this look. It's the perfect night out look, minus the eyeshadow. 
4. Brown Eyeliner
.eyeliner ideasBrown eyeliner is a good alternative to black especially is you're going for a toned down eye look. you can turn it up a not by matching it to gold or other shimmery eye shades. Get creative with this one. 
5. Blue Black Double Liner
eyeliner ideasI don't know about you, but this eyeliner style looks so beautiful to me. Line your eyes twice with a black liner and a blue liner right on top. 
6. Sequined line
eyeliner ideasAdorn your eyes with sequins. We recommend lining your eyes first to use as a guide. Take your favorite eyelash glue and dot sequins along the length of your liner. 
7. Touch of White Liner
eyeliner ideasWhite eyeliner has a way of making your eyes look elegant. Complete your general eyeliner look by adding hints of white around you completed eye liner. 
8. Eyeliner with dot(s)
eyeliner ideasAdd a dot or several dots to your bottom last line for added effect. You may also add dots at the end of your wing.  Have caution: adding too many dots can make it look like you have eye debris.Well, what do you think of our round-up? What unique eyeliner looks have you come across and would like to share? Add your photos and links below, we'd like to try them out of ourselves![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="default-sidebar"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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