13 Brown Beauty Bloggers We Believe are Heaven Sent
Every year in the world of brown beauty a new face pops up providing their audience with a unique flair when it comes to dishing out beauty, hair or skin care tips. Beauty bloggers are influential in the sense that their beauty hacks make women of color feel more beautiful and better about themselves.  Before these brown beauty chicks, our eyeshadow was poorly blended and we had no idea to care for our complicated natural or relaxed hair. Thanks to them, we are able to step into the world looking on point without breaking the bank.Here is our top 13 list of brown beauty bloggers changing the face of beauty one video/blog post at a time: 


Angel Jordan - K is for Kinky

angel jordan, k is for kinky, black hair and beauty, natural hair, afro hair, beauty blog“SHE (Is Beautiful, Honest, Sexual, Loved, Liberated And Powerful)”

K is for Kinky was started by television and commercial producer Angel Jordan as a hair, beauty and lifestyle blog for kinky-haired ladies.  The blog features inspiration sections such as  “You are Beautiful”, which profiles beautiful women of color full of motivational advice as well as the “Ultimate Lazy Natural Hair Guide”, a step by step guide for ladies that don’t have time nor the money for hair maintenance.   2. Leila Noellieste - Black Girl Long Hair

“I always thought that black girls likblack girl long hair, natural hair, natural hair website, long hair, natural long hair, black girl, blogger, founder, noelliste,e me couldn’t grow their hair out,” she says. “What if that [was] not true?”

Leila Noellieste is the woman behind one of our most beloved hair websites, Black Girl Long Hair.  Following her big chop in 2006, Leila decided to create a blog that she eventually began running in 2009.  Through Black Girl Long Hair we can find a range of information that relates to the caring, maintenance and preservation of black hair.  We’re especially in love with their off-the-cusp articles on random topics relating to black women succeeding in different arenas, including, “11 Black Women Who Ran for United States President” and “Black Couple Sells Everything to go on ‘Indefinite Honeymoon’ to 12 Countries (and Counting)” 3. Whitney - Naptural85

“Aronaptural85, whitney, youtube, blogger, natural hair, vlogger, length check, healthy hair, curls, napturalund that time on Youtube, there weren't many 4a, curly-haired women sharing their stories of what worked for their hair and what didn't, so I wanted to make sure I shared as much as possible in hopes of being able to help someone else with my type of hair.”

 We’ve all gain invaluable hair care advice from Whitney, also known as Naptural85 on YouTube. As a popular natural hair blogger/vlogger, Whitney won our hearts through the practical advice shown in her videos. She started the channel a few years ago when Youtube was not popular; she was driven by her audience which grew exponentially day by day. In her videos you can find abundant advice on natural hairstyles and tips on organic eating! 4. Alicia Walton - CurlyNikki

“My approach to natural hair is a little different. It is neither a political statement, nor a 'back to nature' movement. It's simply one part of a fabulous, healthier lifestyle...an extension of our beauty.”

Alicia Walton’sstart in educating the world about natural hair and beauty began after a personal experience caused her to change the way she viewed her hair.  After she decided to embrace her natural texture and care for her hair , she found herself discovering ways to care and maintain her hair without it feeling like a constant burden. Her personal renaissance revealed the many things she would go on and share with the world.  Way before she was recognized in renowned publications like MSNBC and Essence Magazine, her blog and Youtube channel are considered the literal bible of all things concerning natural hair.


5. Lynette Hernandez - By LynnyIntroducing Lynette Hernandez, a gorgeous Venezuelan Latina who covers topics like summer makeup, fashion and food all on her blog.  Her blog is a breath of fresh air as she combines unique lifestyle choices with her beauty/fashion choices. This is such a perfect way to show the connection between the three - nurture the outside, as well as the inside.By Lynny is also a valuable resource for makeup mavens as she is keen on adventurously reviewing hard-to-find, foreign beauty products that her audience enjoy. 6. Mattie James - Mattieologiemattie james, mattieologie, podcast, natural hair, fashion, style, affordable fashion, brown beauty

“I believe that any woman can achieve awesome personal style with an attainable budget.”

This Atlanta-based blogger, Mattie James lives by this important, yet often mystified mantra, “Live what you love.”  Aside from dishing out tips about her personal style and fashion, Mattie also uses her platform to inform and educate up and coming entrepreneurs and bloggers through blog posts and her podcast, Mattieologie.  Her advice is substantial for anyone to read and apply to achieve their own success. We take pride on style bloggers who share tips to their success with others; this is definitely one of the best blog to learn and grow from.  7. Shirley B. Eniangshirley b eniang, fashion, style blogger, british, nigerian, fashion blogger, beauty, UK, hauls, Youtube, videos

”Quiet” type: ‘You’re not the quiet type, you make YouTube Videos!’ …I know this thought will cross some people’s minds, it’s even been said to me in real life before, but it’s true I make YouTube videos, but I’m also the quiet, introverted type who just happens to have extroverted qualities. Just so ya’know!”

For an effortlessly elegant style, many fashionistas frequent the blog and Youtube channel of Shirley Eniang. With soft and gentle demeanor, Shirley guides you through her fashion hauls and fabulous lookbooks. Another topic she covers is beauty which tends to fall into the low-key, natural makeup looks that certain girls crave. This UK beauty is the style and beauty favorite of many and for obvious reasons. 


8. Patrice Yursick - Afrobellaafrobella, essence, ebony, beauty, style, blogger, god mother, brown beauty, caribbean, patrice yursik“There was no consistent celebration of my particular kind of beauty. Every now and then someone would throw a bone to black women with natural hair, or plus-size women...but nobody shone a consistent light on us.”

Acclaimed natural hair and beauty blogger, Patrice a.k.a Afrobella proudly affirms her mission of discovering and filtering the right kinds of cosmetic products that look amazing on deeper complexions. Known as the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Afrobella takes us along to industry-wide beauty events and gives us practical advice on makeup and skin care! 9. Francheska Medina - Hey Fran Hey

heyfranhey, youtube, tumblr, natural hair, healthy living, organic, diy projects, homemade, fitness, vegan, curls, francheska,"After healing myself from a chronic illness, a few years back, I became a major health enthusiast. It was such an empowering time in my life and I've been learning as much as possible and passing on the information ever since."

Hey Fran Hey is a rare breed:  she teaches us how to beautify our skin, hair and lives through natural methods and organic ingredients. Her YouTube channel is a treasure chest of ideas and I-didn’t-know-you-could-even-make-that moments. She does everything “with a bohemian twist” so you can only expect the unexpected. 10. Patricia Bright - BritPopPrincess

"Don’t gepatricia bright, britpopprincess, style, beauty, hauls, gorgeous, extensions, makeup, tutorials, youtube, british, UK, black beautyt sucked in trying to share a false created version of life. Live your life, and just happen to take pictures and videos alongside the actual living. It’s not perfect and all roses, but that’s okay, real is better than plastic flowers."

Starting her YouTube channel under her BritpopPrincess moniker for quite sometime, Patricia Bright has created a special place in our hearts with her bubbly personality which almost always brightens us up after a gruesome day.  Through her YouTube channel and website, you are bound to learn a thing or two about style and how to fashion it in your own way. Her most recent work shows of her exploration of the world as she travels to different places to discover their distinct culture and style.  11. Destiny Godleydestiny godley, makeup artist, beauty, concealer, foundation, dark skin, nudes, mattes, makeup, tutorials, youtube

"Confidence, poise and humility are things that cannot be purchased, applied or washed off at the end of the night. To be truly beautiful, make sure to carry these qualities with you always."

 Super talented, young and creative: These are just three words to describe Destiny Godley and her work. She primarily shares her art on Youtube and teaches us brown skin girls how to beat it out the park. Destiny was already teaching us how to highlight and contour way before Kim K made it into a trend. Her videos have tips on how dark-complexioned women can wear makeup, and have confidence to feel beautiful because of it.  12. Melanie Yvette Martin - Beautifully Brownmelanie yvette, beautifully brown, gorgeous, brown beauty, women of color, style editor, beauty editor, ebony.com, dark skin, beauty for dark skin, foundation, makeup tips, beauty blogger

“90% of the time, I loved the way I looked. I loved my body, hair, skin, everything. But dammit, that 10% made a difference. Until I decided that it didn’t have to.”

To top our list, we had to include Melanie Yvette Martin, the creator of up and coming beauty blog, Beautifully Brown. A former Ebony.com Beauty and Style Editor, Melanie captures all the revelevant news and concerns brown women face when it comes to their beauty and it’s meaning. Each post is introspective and dismantles commonly held beauty standards in a way that’s both entertaining and transformative for readers. Through her you will discover new makeup lines, interviews with fascinating people and the true meaning of being beautifully brown.  
  1. Michelle Phan
youtube, youtube personality, michelle phan, beauty tutorials, makeup artist, creative, em cosmetics, loreal, ipsy, forbes, inc,

“For whatever divine reason, I found myself on this road,with no compass or map -- or Google Maps, for that matter. As I journeyed along, I had faith it would lead me to somewhere good -- I just didn’t know exactly where.”

Every beauty lover out there knows of Michelle Phan, the 27 year old beauty vlogger turned entrepreneur who has captured the hearts of everyone, including those outside of the beauty industry. She began her blog in 2005 and shortly transitioned into YouTube in 2007, dishing out tips on “How to Get Lady Gaga Eyes” which Buzzfeed picked up and made viral. The rest is pretty much history -- she went on to co--found a successful beauty subscription company, started her own cosmetics line and was recently named to Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 list.  Despite the differences in topic and style, each one of these beauty bloggers seem to hold the same theme in common: self-discovery. As masterful storytellers, their blogs or videos carry us through the discovery of themselves, their beauty or fashion sense and their impact on the world. Who’s the brown beauty blogger that has impacted your life? And in what way?  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="default-sidebar"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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