How to Prep Natural Hair for Protective Styling
Getting a long term protective style means that your hair is going to be tucked away for a while. You have to make sure that you care for your hair the best way you can before installing a protective style because you won't have as much access to your scalp after it's in. I've learned how to prep my hair through all of the mistakes I made getting protective styles in the past. Here are some tips I have for prepping your hair for a protective style!
Wash & Deep Condition Before
You definitely want to have a clean scalp and freshly washed hair for a protective style. I used to leave this for the hair stylist, but now that I'm more conscious of product ingredients I prefer to do this myself. Thoroughly wash and condition your hair beforehand. I normally do a moisture deep treatment, but you can do a protein treatment if you'd like to strengthen your strands.
I usually apply a small amount of leave in conditioner and massage either coconut or avocado oil into my scalp. I also rub the oil down the length of my hair, paying attention to my ends.
Stretch Hair
I went to a hair braider once after washing my hair and leaving it curly. Big mistake. That lady pulled and tugged at my head with a blow dryer for what seemed like forever (didn't she know I was tender headed?!). To avoid that stress again (because trust me I still have nightmares about it) I stretch my hair beforehand myself. You can use a blow dryer, but there are heatless options. I personally prefer to braid my hair overnight, but you can band your hair if you'd prefer.
Another thing I can't stand is having my hair detangled by someone else. It's best to have stretched AND detangled hair when going to get a long term protective style. Not only does it help you avoid pain, it also makes installation quick and easy. If you decide to get a long term protective style, you want your hair to be at its healthiest so that it can still flourish while its tucked away. No one can care for your hair like you can, so take the extra time to wash and treat your hair yourself before getting a protective style done. It will take less time in the chair, your hair can be treated gently, and you won't secretly despise your stylist for torturing you.   How do you prep your hair for a protective style?
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