6 hairstyles natural hair brides love in 2015
Love can spark at any season, but summer season is wedding season! Weddings. aside from being a testament of eternal love, are also huge events that showcase high beauty and fashion.  With natural hair rapidly becoming the ultimate show of beauty; peep the top natural wedding hairstyles brides chose in 2015:
1. The TWA
IMG_1186 These "Tiny Little Afros" make a lasting impression on the eyes of your guests (and your groom) on your wedding day.  You can rock a TWA in any way you want to reflect your personality!
2. Partly braided corn-rolled Updo
IMG_1187 Updo's are fun to style hassle free.  Want to rock this particular undo?  Cornrow the sides of your hair and swoop your loose ends into a mohawk.  This look can be a simple or as elaborate as you please and remember... keep a pack or hair pins handy because you'll be needing a couple of those to keep your hair in place.
3. Pretty loose coils, with hair accessories
IMG_1181 Let your hair loose and get creative with your hair accessories -- whip your curls to one side and pin your hair accessory where you like.
4. Hair with sprinkled with flower petals
IMG_1185 Natural hair made ultra beautiful by an element as natural as flowers is the ultimate metaphor of beauty!  It doesn't matter if your curls are set up or down, sprinkle white petals of your favorite flower into your hair.
5. Crocheted hair
IMG_1183 With crocheted hair being all the rage these days, it's certainly a popular wedding hairstyle for natural brides.  Crocheted hair varies in length and styles which makes this style all the more versatile.
6. Dread-loc'd hair
IMG_1188 We haven't forgotten our dread-loc'd brides - dreadlocks are also very versatile in terms of styling. Curling your locks for your special day is a wonderful option as it looks stunning beneath that glorious veil! Are you a natural bride getting married soon? What hairstyle will you be wearing when you walk down the aisle? Share your inspired looks with us![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id="default-sidebar"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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