April 24, 2016
What do the Colors You Wear Say About You? [Part Deux]
Let your inner beauty and essence beam through your everyday fashionably fantastic wardrobes by allowing your attention to your most favored color shine through! Color Me Bad!   If I could blog about the rainbow and the numerous amazing colors that bring us all so much meaning and definition within our everyday lives, I truly would. However, I will feature the most favored colors that bring so much definition, detail and appeal daily.   Did you know that having a favored color or even having favorite colors throughout the seasons or years is telling about your personality, your emotional state and also at times reflective of how you may be feeling overall, or a feeling that you are looking to capture by wearing a particular color.   Not just in the fashion world, but everyday life color is reflective of many emotions and meanings and emulating a favored color is telling.   -Green- green-with-envy 
  • Middle of the spectrum color that has been defined as having a healing and calming affect and representative of peace and harmony.
  • Green is also noted as a color know for encouraging one to follow their hearts desires (DO wear green when setting the stage and tone on new adventures or bringing the calm and harmonious affect to any situation.)
-Black-  Black_SophisticatedSexy
  • Dark and emo and not normally defined as a cheery color could have previously defined the color black entrance in some peoples wardrobe rotation, however, when paired or singularly worn as a head to toe color feature, this color is a go to fashioned favorite and rock out #2015 style to create.
  • A sophisticated and classy color, which clearly states regal elegance, but it also a color that makes bold and blazon statements. A color that can keep people at bay in 007 interests, to be beckoned to only when you send for them! (Do wear black when you are feel uncertain or insecure…YES black can be that outfit armor that can bring you back to being on top of the world, and instant mood swinger!)
-Yellow-  Solange-Knowles-Loves-Yellow Whenever I think of yellow I truly go to my glam goddess Solange Knowles, she exudes everything the color yellow represents. This color can bring bright sunshine and an affectionate appeal, alongside with a color representative of engagement and drawing all the boys to the yard!
  • Yellow is the color representative of joy, happiness and being open-minded.
  • True joy and happiness is created when you step out in style in yellow (Do wear yellow when you are engaged in meetings of the mind and anything involving major brain activity)
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