What the colors you're wearing say about you
Owning your look and style speaks volumes on it’s own, but did you know that rocking your most iconic themes and looks all colored centered says a lot about you!The most notorious and eye popping fashion trends are all relatable on one major level…the brighter the better and more marketable and favored to be featured in many fashionable trends spanning all seasons long. Color and the distinct definitions of specifics colors will always reign supreme within the fashion world. What does your most rocked about color say about you! A wonderful 2014 fashionable moment that is definitely going to usher in the spring and summer trends for the 2015 season can only be found while donning the color orange. A vibrant and booming color that allows you to mix and match and set many tones within your own personal style, as well as expand and dare to explore a newer you.-Orange- Orange Fashion Collage
  • A natural color that’s reflective of an instant mood changer bringing out positive energy and vibrations.
  • A motivating and optimistic color (DO put on your best and brightest orange wardrobe when partaking on new goals, dreams and adventures)
 Feeling blue today doesn’t necessarily have to be coupled with feeling under the weather and depressed. Feeling blue and looking blue can empower your sense of style giving you that most regal feeling of authority and control over yourself and elements. A woman dressed in blue is dressed for success and with the best intentions in mind! -Blue-cobalt-blue-trends 
  • Blue embodies the essence of trust and communication and impressing a calming and settling effect. You want to knock out a major meeting not only with your sense of style and creatively calming demeanor, rock out in your best blue!
  • A true form of expressionism can be created while subtly introducing blue into your wardrobe. (Do challenge yourself to wearing something blue weekly)
   . -White- winter-white-beauty-fashionWhite is reflective of openness and brings about all the unlimited possibilities of new happenings, an open mindset and a clean and clear slate. White also is the color of new directions and a broaden horizon for attempting to take on the fashionable world! 
  • White invites clarity and when introduced within a wardrobe white takes over the persona of any outfit.
  • Warm and welcoming and centering effect, white can combine, stand out, make or mold any fashion moment. (Do attend all white affairs and rock out till the nights out!)

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