Two fashionable trends to start the New Year Off with an Insta Bang!
Counting down to the start of a New Year not only pulls into question your inner goals and dreams, but also your outwardly representation of your self. Being that 2014 has literally flown before our eyes have you closely identified your fashionable best self yet? KARIF Beauty as a whole has cultivated a community designed on bringing out your best self yet. With amazing beauty tips, stylishly chic trends from hair styles, lippie love sticks to fawn over and dressing and beauty tips fit for the goddesses as we all are to most importantly spreading the positive affirming messages that has all of waking to see what’s KARIF BEAUTY 2015 looking like. As a Writer and Blogger I have been blessed with the opportunity to express my insiders scoops and trends with KARIF Beauty. It’s been a Great year! Happy New Year KARIF BEAUTY  “The overall look of appeal and self confidence can only be created by freeing your mind, and releasing any thoughts and doubts about what it was. Focus on what it will be and it will BECOME.” Robbie-  Nail Art #2015Best-Black-And-White-Nail-Art-Trends-2014-004             Black and White Nail artSilver and White Nail artGlitz and Glitter This simple but chic nail design speaks volumes. Elevating elegance to its most basic standards. This look can we paired with casual wear to chic and eveningwear. Stylishly appropriate and setting all standards. Insta Fashion Trend #2015f96835d9e71f7aa49e9eea3c7c374c64Polka Dot PassionBlack and White dress designsEclectic eleganceBeing a lover of all and anything that is polka dotted this 2014 transitional trend has kicked into high gear with solid to broken patterns elevating a simple dress design to simplistic elegance, the look can be attained by one who makes that fashionable statement and transformative stance.

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