Top 7 Beauty Foods!
So recently, I’ve been focusing on my health. Knowing how to eat certainly does help in reaching all of my health goals for the next year, even though 2015 is not here yet!  Since I’ve started my new years resolutions a few months early, I thought I’d chime in on all the things I’ve learned since eating better and working out! What we put in our bodies greatly affects our skin, hair and overall health. I know you have heard that fruits and veggies do a body good, but has anyone ever explained why? Here are my top picks of foods you should be eating to achieve a healthy beauty glow! 
1. Radishes
radishes-03I hate theses in my salads, but after learning about the great health effects radishes provide, I started to add them to my salads regardless. Since then I’ve learned to like them; Radishes are packed with vitamin C, sulfur and silicon, all of them responsible for producing glowing skin by invigorating our circulatory systems. The increased blood flow results in a boost of collagen 
2. Onions
onionsOnions are a give or take since many people love them and many people hate them. The truth of the matter is that onions contain the flavanol quercetin which aids in protecting the skin against lines and wrinkles. Onions are also abundant in antioxidants which protect our skin from harmful UVB rays. 
3. Avocado
avocado-tasteful-and-healthyAvocado is a beauty-food super star! Not only does it taste awesome, it also contains vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants to give you a powerful dose of beauty to your hair AND skin. The antioxidants in Avocado protect skin from UVB rays. 
4. Raisins
56845-Raisins-beauty-shot-originalThey might be sweet and sticky, but they’re great for your teeth. Raisins contain plenty of antioxidants that fight against the growth of bacteria that can cause gum disease and inflammation. 
5. Sunflower Seeds
salted-sunflower-seedsFilled with nutrients like vitamin E, B-1 and copper, these little seeds fortify your cells against free radicals. Copper produces melanin, a pigment protein that provide richer colors in your skin and hair. 
6. Pomegranates
pomegranate_by_family_spicePomegranates has antioxidants and plenty of Vitamin C; this fruit can help boost collagen production in your skin and reduces your risk of skin cancer! Bonus: Try this beauty drink! 
7. Cherry Juice
tart-cherry-juiceGet your beauty rest with this beauty drink. Whether you purchase cherry juice or make it at home, drinking cherry juice is known to boost melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep when triggered by darkness.  
Now it’s your turn! What beauty food would you add to this list? Share it with us in the comment section below and share this post with a friend!

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