6 Signs You’ve Got a Bad Hairstylist
I don't really like telling this story, but I think the experience can teach you all something about knowing if your newly chosen hairstylist is a good one. During my early college years,  it  was very difficult to find a hairstylist in my college town. Back home I had a stylist I had been regularly seeing for over 10 years and she was and is undoubtedly great. However, now that I was in a new town, finding a hairstylist that could care for my dry, relaxed tresses was not easy. I asked a few friends and classmates, but no one could wholeheartedly recommend a stylist for me- in retrospect, this meant that everyone else was probably on the same boat as I was. LOL.   So when I googled “black hair stylists in Albany, New York” I came across a beauty salon that was a long bus ride away from campus. The salon did not have a website, but there was one (and only one) review on Yelp.com. It was a positive review, and since my hair desperately needed intervention, I relied on that one review for my ultimate decision.   Just frickin’ reckless.   The following day, I grabbed a city bus after class and set out on the journey to this salon. When I returned to campus later that evening, I had come back with super dry, frizzy and even more damaged hair. My hair was messed up, but I was a lot wiser. Here’s what I learned from that awful experience:   1.  Doesn’t Prep correctly for said hair procedure/ missing equipment This might be most obvious sign of a bad hairstylist. If you see any things when you walk into a salon that is very well your cue to go. If this stylist is missing vital equipment for preparing hair, you can rest assured that she will be trying out unconventional methods on your hair. Don’t be a guinea pig.   2.  Does not listen to your instructions on how you’d like your hair to be styled   She/he ain’t a hairstylist if they don’t know how to do hair.  Of course, that would leave any person asking, “why the hell does this person called themselves a hair stylist?”. Trust me, many people in this world are not what they say they are - and this includes hairstylists.  If you give out instructions on specifics, like how you want your hair to be cut, how much heat should be used, or what products you would like to be used on your hair, and they ignore it, this person most likely doesn’t know what they’re doing or just doesn’t care.   3.  Products used on hair are harmful to hair, period, but she/he still uses them   One of the important things hairstylists learn in hair or beauty school is the science behind hair care. They should have first hand knowledge about the basic ingredient no-no’s, especially the ingredient no-no’s for black hair.   So if they’re using products that will have a detrimental effect on your hair, they’re not a good fit for you.   4.  Unhealthy drying/ heat application process   Heat is an element of hair care that should be used delicately no matter your hair type or texture. It takes a real pro to understand this concept and apply it correctly at the right amount for your hair. If your stylist is inappropriately (or carelessly) applying heat your hair, not applying hair protectant before drying, tugging and pulling your scalp while drying, directly applying intense heat to your hair,  it’s time to find a new one. You’ll know by how dry or damaged your hair is at the end of your hair session.   5.  Generally distracted, on the phone or texting while doing your hair   I’ve had this happen to me several times in the past but this is totally unacceptable. This is just as bad as texting while driving. Distracted hairstyling is a disaster waiting to happen and it shows how unprofessional the person is. If you come across this, run!   6.  Doesn’t have towels!   This one is the topping on the cake and exactly what happened that evening when I got my hair done at that salon.  After she finished washing my hair, she scurried around looking for a towel and then admitted that she ran out of towels. It’s so sad that it took me till this final tip to realize that I should’ve left the minute I walked in.  She proceeded to dry my hair with paper towels before finally taking the blow dryer to torch my hair with it.   Now years later, I can say I’m glad I went through this awful experience (and several more afterwards) because it serves as great advice! Hope you guys don’t ever have to go through what I went through when choosing a hair stylist.
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