Natural Glow love all year round!
Healthy skin takes time and dedication and most importantly the ability to garner the healthy glow look from within while beaming bright and beautiful all year round!Having watched the transitions and change of my very own facial health journey and road to the glow; I have noticed that taking care of your overall health be it physically (exercising and nutritious eating) mentally (mediation, rest and relaxation) or esthetically (beauty products, spa treatment and make up) the road to the glow can only be found here at KARIF Beauty. With this months focus on naturalistic and what is best for you here are some tips to begin your very own personal journey…  ROAD TO THE GLOW:  Toner TimeBalancing_Facial_Toner_3_4OZToners at one time were an essential part of many of our beauty regiments, however, with so many beauty products guaranteeing to take over this initial step we have lost sight of a toners importance. My favorite and all natural toner is by Lily Skincare, whose organic and natural wellness and beauty line promotes the most desired for and healthiest skin outcomes. 
  • Do stay away from toners that are alcohol based
Damages the skin and causes irritation and skin reaction
  • Do stay away from gycol-based and fragrant extract toners
Skin reaction and irritations
  • Do utilize water based toners
Beneficial ingredients, skin repairing antioxidants and healthier on the overall upkeep and maintenance of your skin  Foundation fit for an everyday QueenGuerlain.Terracottadiorskin_nude-2 Starting with your newly resumed toner regiment your sun kissed face would be ready for the next phase and application of foundation selection. However, selecting an ideal foundation for your skin tone shouldn’t be a mission. Dewy and Natural Glow top foundations 
  • Dior – Diorskin-Nudeskin SPF 15- glowing makeup
 Hydrating fluid foundation, promoting a bare skin and natural look. Natural ingredients, and with continued use it builds the skins radiance and flawless glow. 
  • Guerlain – Terracotta skin healthy glow
 The rich blend of foundation perfected oils and foundation powder merges to create radiant, naturally glowing and flawless skin.IMG_4884-2 With these simple make up starters you will be on the road to maintaining a makeup regiment all year round and securing the skin kissed look without all the hassle of a strenuous makeup year. Happy Glowing!

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