April 24, 2016
Only you can create your own beauty: Sherrill Defoe
Who is Sherill Defoe & can you tell our readers where exactly is Curacao?   Sherrill Defoe is a 23 year old queen born on the beautiful island of Curacao. At the age of 17 I moved to the Netherlands to attend college and here is where I currently reside. Curacao is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast, that forms part of the Dutch Caribbean. The Country of Curaçao which includes the main island and the small, uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao ("Little Curaçao"), is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has a population of over 150,000 extremely warm and loving people on an area of 444 km2 (171 sq mi) and its capital is Willemstad.   How can you relate art to beauty?   There’s a famous saying that says;   Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art – Ralph Waldo Emerson   Art is something you create. Depending on your taste your mood and your soundings you create something different every time. It expresses how you feel at the moment. I think that’s the same with beauty. Depending on your mood,where you are going and also how you feel at moment you present yourself in a different way. So same as art beauty can also be created. And when you create your own beauty its unique it’s yours only you can create your beauty. When you create your own beauty you create art. IMG-20141030-WA0009   Do you currently have a favorite piece that you've done?   It’s hard for me to choose just one. I have a top 3;  
  1. Model chick
  2. True blue
  3. Love pink
  I love the bold hair colors in those 3 paintings so they are defiantly my favorites.   Karif Beauty defines beauty as a woman who exudes power, elegance & prowess. What is your definition of beauty?   My definition of beauty is a woman with confidence. A woman who is happy with the body she’s in and embraces her flaws.   I love that you cover the eyes of the women you draw. You say with the eyes covered, it easier to relate with the women in painting. Do you try to incorporate that idea in everyday life?   I’ve actually never incorporated that idea in real life.    Cool Girls Club What is your overall message in your artwork?   I’ve never taught of a message. Black women are extremely gorgeous. All the different shades of skin color. All the different hair textures, from curly to kinky and everything in between. And all the different shades of hair color that we can rock. The diversity and possibilities to draw are endless. I think if I had a message with my artwork it would be; black women are sexy, beautiful, gorgeous women!!  Blow it up This maybe a little off topic but we love your hair! Do you have a hair care regimen? Thank you very much! I’m rocking a protective style right now. It’s getting cold here in the Netherlands and I hate shrinkage. So to prevent me and my hair from stressing I often do protective styles in the cold season. When I’m rocking my own I have the following regimen;
  • I try to shampoo my hair every 2 weeks. (Yes try. I hate washing my hair the longer it gets the bigger the struggle)
  • I deep condition my hair after every shampoo. I often use ‘Olive oil replenishing pack’
  • After shampooing I dry my hair with an old shirt. I then detangle and let them air dry in large braids
  • To achieve my curls when dry. I use Shea butter and twist my hair. After twisting them I also do ‘’Bantu knots’’. In the morning I unravel them and pick them and I’m ready to go!
  • If my hair is not twisted when I’m going to bed, I wrap a satin scarf around my head.
That’s basically my regimen.
  Can't get enough of Sherrill's artistic talent? Visit her site for a peak at her latest works and follow her on Instagram for a glance at her day-to-day inspirations!



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