DIY Hair Spritz
Do your tresses need a pick-me-up in between wash-day? Here is a great Do-It-Yourself hair spritz that'll refresh and moisturize your hair. It contains water and oil to help moisturize your hair, as well as glycerin which helps to maintain the moisture. This concoction is also a moisturizer and sealant in one.What You'll Need1 Spray Bottle1 Cup of Filtered or Distilled Water2 Teaspoons of a Natural Oil4-6 Drops of GlycerinDirections1. Add water, glycerin, and oil to spray bottle.2. Make sure to shake well before using to emulsify ingredients.3. Store in a cool place away from light.Add these ingredients to Amp-Up this spritz!Extra Shine: Add more oil.Extra Moisture & Smoother Hair: Replace half of the water with Aloe Vera Juice.Thicker Moisturizer: Replace 2 oz. of the water with a light-weight moisturizing conditioner.Promote Hair Growth: Add a few drops of an essential oil to stimulate the scalp.

I hope that you try this D.I.Y. Hair Spritz out! Let us know down below how you liked it.

Ms. Rosie is a hair and beauty enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. She is the creator and editor of Lovin Our Textures which is a hair care platform for Relaxed and Natural Hair. Follow her hair journey on Youtube.

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