DIY Cleansing Conditioner
Many people nowadays are using co-washes/cleansing conditioners over shampoo to cleanser their hair. The great benefit of cleansing conditioners is that they cleanse hair without stripping it of its natural oils while also adding hydration to hair. I am definitely down with the co-wash cause as I have naturally dry hair and greatly benefit from using them.There are now a plethora of cleansing conditioner on the market that offer different things, but relatively do the same thing. I highly recommend using a product that is formulated as a co-wash/cleansing conditioner. This will prevent build up which tends to happen with using regular conditioners as a cleanser. One can use a regular conditioner to cleanse their hair but only in between shampoos. Cleansing conditioners can replace shampoo as they have more cleansing ingredients than a regular conditioner. Cleansing conditioners work the same way that cream cleansers work for the face. They aren’t as harsh as lathering cleansers, but still get the job done.If you’re eager to co-wash more but want to get rid of some of your shampoo, you can use them in conjunction with conditioner to make your own D.I.Y. Cleansing Conditioner.What You’ll Need:1 Applicator Bottle1 part of your Favorite Shampoo3 parts of your Favorite Conditioner2 parts water2-3 drops of your Favorite Essential Oil (optional)Directions1. Add shampoo, conditioner, water, and essential oil (amounts depend on hair length) into the applicator bottle and shake until emulsified.2. Saturate your hair and scalp in water.3. Apply the cleansing conditioner to hair and scalp in the same manner you would with shampoo. Make sure to scrub the scalp with the pads of your fingers to lift any debris. Work the cleansing conditioner from root to tip. Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Repeat if necessary.4. Proceed with conditioning.

I hope that you try this D.I.Y. Cleansing Conditioner out! Let us know down below how you liked it.

Ms. Rosie is a hair and beauty enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. She is the creator and editor of Lovin Our Textures which is a hair care platform for Relaxed and Natural Hair. Follow her hair journey on Youtube.
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