3 Ways To Deep Condition Without A Hooded Dryer
A quick and beneficial way to deep condition hair is to use heat. A lot of the time, a hooded dryer is advised for those benefits. Hooded dryers are great because heat is evenly encompassed around the head to provided optimal absorption/adsorption of the conditioner. However, it isn't the only way to utilize heat for deep conditioning. Now, I love my hooded dryer, but it is a bit bulky. Plus, a hooded dryer makes me immobile for the 15-30 minutes that I am deep conditioning which is really tedious. For many of us, the cost of a good quality hooded dryer is a bit much ranging between $70- $200. I have comprised 3 affordable ways to deep condition your hair that are just as beneficial as using a hooded dryer. 3 Ways To Deep Condition Without A Hooded DryerBody HeatMany people forget that they can use the heat from their bodies to deep condition. I've been doing this method for over a year now and it leaves my hair just as soft and moisturized as using a hooded dryer. The only con for this method is that it takes twice as long to deep condition, roughly 45-60 minutes. However, I am able to do other tasks and be more productive instead of being stationary like I would under a hooded dryer. If you do the GHE Method, deep conditioning with your body heat works the same way. Apply your deep conditioner, cover your head with a cap, and then cover that with a scarf, towel, or winter cap. It's best to be slightly active or in a warm environment for your body to emit enough heat through your scalp for this to work. 3 Ways To Deep Condition Without A Hooded DryerThe Hooded BonnetThis works the same way that a hooded dryer does except that it is portable and not bulky. There are two different types of hooded bonnets: the dryer bonnet attachment and the bonnet dryer. The dryer bonnet has an attachment that utilizes a hand held dryer for deep conditioning. The great thing about dryer bonnets is that they are super lightweight and inexpensive with some costing as little as $4. The bonnet dryer is a bonnet that is permanently attached to a small machine that emits heat through a tube to the bonnet (the same as a hooded dryer). This can cost as little as $30. 3 Ways To Deep Condition Without A Hooded DryerPut a Cap On It!The Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap and the Hair Therapy Thermal Turban Heat Wrap utilizes the microwave to heat the gel and flaxseed inserts respectively to emit heat throughout the head for 30-45 minutes. Simply place the heated cap over a shower cap and you're good to go. You won't have to worry about these caps going out on your like a hooded dryer can because they don't use power cords to emit heat. The Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap retails for $29.95 and the Hair Therapy Wrap Thermal Turban Heat Wrap retails for $21.95.

What ways do you deep condition sans the hooded dryer?

Ms. Rosie is a hair and beauty enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. She is the creator and editor of Lovin Our Textures which is a hair care platform for Relaxed and Natural Hair. Follow her hair journey on Youtube.

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