The Next Beauty Trend? Sleep!
“You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce”…If this isn’t the quote of all morning start up’s then I don’t know what would be a close second!Ok so we aren’t billboard celebs with high voltage schedules that literally have us rising more and resting less, but the average American gets 40% less sleep on a daily basis. The recommended hours of sleep daily for an adult is seven or more hours of sleep, but with children, school, work loads and hectic schedules, family time and life, and social life we are looking at under five hours of sleep being clocked on a nightly basis. Cranky Much? Well how does this affect your beauty regiment and attention to your inner Beyonce? Simply…sleep is the best beauty secret and regiment ever. Regular sleep scheduled of seven or more hours of sleep clocked on a nightly basis allows your body to function at a higher state, due to being relaxed and rested more.getting-to-bed+to-sleep1 Lack of sleep is NOT cool for giving daily FACE! Lack of sleep causes the blood vessels to dilate, creating the dark circles look under the eyes. Lack of sleep also is displayed with your moods, creating a look visual facial look of anger, stressed, tired and giving your skin no room for snap back, and also, your patience and tolerance mood level would be at an all time sensitive high. Late nights out and partaking in a few heavy cocktails isn’t a friend to wanting to recoup and catch some z’s either. As you sleep, did you know that your skin and body goes into repair mode? So getting five or less than five hours of sleep really can counter your bodies natural repair and rejuvenate schedule. Sleeping Beauty Do’s-Do get the seven to ten hour daily sleep habit going on a nightly basis. -Sleep on your back, rather than lying on your face preventing your pillow or bedding from impressing marks on your face. -Drink plenty of fluids and especially take care of your delicate facial area. -Keep your bedroom free from TV’s, bright lights and hot and dry air that could disrupt anyone’s plans of uninterrupted beauty sleep. Limit the distractions.-Switch your bedding to the highest quality threaded cotton sheets, giving your overall body a comfortable sleep, as well preventing skin irritation.

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