How to Maintain Healthy Skin
 In the world we live in, everything is fast paced. We sometimes focus on one part of our body but forget the other. If we want to keep our health and weight in check, shouldn't we do the same for our skin? Our skin is the largest organ in our body and I think it's time that we actually take care of it. You ask how? Well I have my top 3 vitamins that can help maintain your beautiful skin.healthy skinVitamin C: Vitamin C not only helps with our immune system but it is a huge factor for our skin. unfortunately we have to deal with free radicals, which are imbalance molecules that like to damage the collagen in our skin. Damaged collagen causes your skin to sag and it dries your skin right out. Vitamin C actually helps to slow down those dirty old free-radicals so you can enjoy your skin. It is also an awesome dark spot remover. It helps even out your skin tone by fading out the dark spots.Vitamin A: Vitamin A works almost like the vitamin C but it is actually known to repair and maitain the skin.  Vitamin A is what we use to reduce wrinkles, treat acne and dry skin. It keeps the skin as firm as possible, reducing fine lines in the skin.Vitamin E: Vitamin E is my ultimate favorite because it is like the ultimate hydrater, <--is that even a word?? Anyway, It is used in sunscreens, lotions, and anti-aging products. It helps keep the natural moisture in the skin especially when heading out in the sun. The great thing about vitamin E is that it has the ability to neutralize those nasty free radicals I was telling you about. This is why this vitamin has earned its name as "the protector."ESo ladies and gents, focus on these vitamins & health in general and I assure you that your skin will be looking marvelous!Enjoy!

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