Skin Care Myths for Women of Color
I'm just going to jump right in. Here are my top 4, yes not 5, 4 skin care myths that women of color seem to believe.1) Black don't crack: Well to tell you the truth, we actually do. Now our aging process may take a little longer than others but that doesn't mean we may not form wrinkles or develop saggy skin. In reality, as people get older our skin loses it's elasticity. This is why skin care companies have produced products for anti-aging. If you start early as you do age, these products will slow down the process a bit; allowing you to enjoy the firmness in your skin.  FYI: The best anti-aging creams contain retinoids.2) I don't have to apply sunscreen: I am shaking my head and you should to! Ladies, YES we need sunscreen just as every other person in the world. The sun is our worst enemy. He doesn't want our skin to stay healthy and beautiful ladies. There are three types of rays and one of them comes from the sun (UVB). Believe it or not our skin may be tough but it's actually the most sensitive. While white people may get sunburn faster, women of color have to deal with hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Colored skin reacts to the sun quickly. Skin first thought is to protect you by producing more melanin (color), which is how dark spots occur. So ladies and gents, please wear sunscreen or moisturizer with an SPF 15 or higher. Protect your beautiful skin!sunscreen3) Skin Cancer? Not me!: Cancer is the ultimate devil and we all hate it. It's probably the worst disease out there. On that note, skin cancer can occur on colored skin. The rate is lower indeed, but don't ever look pass it. Cancer doesn't discriminate so if you see something unusual on your skin, please head to a doctor. It may be nothing but it's always good to take precautions.4) Not enough skin care products for colored skin: This can be a little tricky but this isn't true. I can argue that there's not many cosmetics out there that matches our skin but skin care products are totally different. It's not about your color, it's about your skin type! Everyone's has different skin and everyone uses different products to take care of theirskin. Knowing that we may have the same skin type, I can recommend a product to you right now but it doesn't mean it will work for you as it does for me. It all depends on what your skin can or cannot handle. There are tons of products out there ladies. It never hurts to try. I mean I hate to believe it but I'm glad they're myths. Who knows the damage some of us has already caused to our skin. Although the color of our skin may be different and have different characteristics, just remember to take care of your precious skin. It's all about your skin type, not the color.Enjoy!Lucrecia

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