Tis the Season for Fall Nails
 Ladies, the fall is approaching, which means new colors have arrive! Our nails are an accessory just as our jewels, so why not beautify them! It's time to put aside those bright and fun colors and focus on our deeper, warm, and mysterious side (I can already feel it). I truly believe the season of falling leaves brings out the utmost creative side of us.  The fall is all about feeling warm and embracing the scenery that comes along with it. If we can change our clothing for a season, then we can definitely bless our nails with some new colors. I mean it's only right.My favorite brands of nail polish has come out with beautiful colors to capture the true essence of the fall. Their inspiration comes from the very nature the earth gives us and the great machinery mankind has made. Above are some of my favorites . Be sure to pick yours out and share your season of fall nails.[caption id="attachment_12680" align="alignright" width="149"]OPI Nordic Fall/Winter Collection OPI Nordic Fall/Winter CollectionEnjoy![/caption]Enjoy!LucreciaFall Nail Design     

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