You Deserve to Pamper Yourself, Head to Toe!
So you have tackled the world of natural curls and amazing styles and look to continue this do it yourself attitude one body area at a time…well my mission this week was to tackle my toes. There is nothing like going to a posh or even small local nail bar or quaint shop to speed up the process, but simple tips and overall upkeep ideas and knowledge when doing it yourself can make the dollar difference of going to a nail bar once a month or once a week.These simple tips are the keys to loving the soles of your divine feet. As a woman who goes through shoes like candy, the importance of having an overall health regiment for loving your feet is key. 

Creating a foot soak for a Goddess!

Did you know that by soaking your feet for 6 – 10 minutes you have already started the cleansing process of exfoliation your twinkly toes? Ridding your feet of bacteria from sweat, shedding skin and from being placed in shoes, sneakers or sandals for long periods at a time.During this process you will want to remove the color from your toenails, place within a soaking bin or by simply putting your feet within your tub a mixture of warm to comfortably hot water (hot enough for your toes to soak and relax, not turn into hot potato’s) and mix a few droplets of tea tree oil (natural remedy for foot odors and treating bacteria), rosemary oil to promote healthy skin and offer aromatherapy treatment.You can also venture out to your local beauty and supply health store and pick up numerous mixtures of foot soaks, exfoliation packets or foot scrubs.Some of the key salon tools used for attaining the maximum level of dead skin removal are found when you use the exfoliation scrubs in unison with utilizing a pumice stone or lava rock, what I would stay clear from is razor’s or any tools that are unsafe for feet and don’t promote the natural healing and growth of your skin. Suggested tools: THE TWEEZERMAN PEDROtweezerman-pink-travel-pedro-callus-stone Finally your feet have bathed in amazing scents and soaked and exfoliated glory. It’s time to take your toes out of the delicious water and trim, shape and remove ingrown hair. Suggested tool: THE SALLY HANSON TOENAIL CLIPToeClip  The finale to your lovely DIY pedicure would be to dry your feet and massage your newly rejuvenated toes with your favored moisturizer or body oil. Allowing your toes to bask in welcomed glory!Suggested Moisturizer: TEA TREE OIL IMAGE OF LOTIONTeaTreeOilBalm
How do you achieve your Do-it-Yourself pedicure? Highlight your best practices in the comment section below!

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