April 24, 2016
Simple Hair & Skin Regimen to Try While Away on Vacay!
Ahh summer. We have been waiting so anxiously for you throughout the cold winter months and now you are finally here. We’re as happy as can be. Vacation starts! But we are still stressed about what to do with our hair and skin while away. What to do? What’s a girl to do? The answer is simple. Read the rest of the post to get valuable tips and a sample hair regimen that I was able to follow while I was away from home!   Tip #1: Wear minimal makeup. Instead of full coverage foundation, use bb or cc cream with skin moisturizing properties. Limit the use of eye shadow (whether it is waterproof or not) to avoid sweat from trickling down, carrying eye-makeup debris and getting into your eye. Mascara and eyeliner is okay – just be sure to apply lightly.   Tip #2: If you must wear makeup for an event or for a night out while on vacation, be sure that you find foundation a shade slightly lighter than the one you daily. The reason why is because your skin complexion tends to darken in the summer time. To keep abreast with your current skin tone that will accentuate your natural beauty, set your foundation shade a bit lighter. shutterstock_99395429 Tip #3: Honoring my very first tip in our first post of our Summer Travel Series will save you time and energy when it comes to preparing your hair during the duration of your vacation. Set up an easy-to-follow course of action to ensure that you are carrying the correct products to achieve the hair you want. For example, this was the regimen I followed during my two-week trip:   - Every evening before bed: Moisturize and seal. I used a light moisturizer, Herbal Essences Leave-in Conditioner and 100% pure coconut oil to use. Coconut oil is super light, so it’s the perfect sealant for summer weather - Set: I would set with either pin-rolls, flexi-rods or two huge cornrow braids for soft waves in the morning. - Cover: Wrap hair with scarf and go to bed. - Wake up like that! Unwrapped my hair and used a wide-tooth comb to comb out the waves.   My hair regimen was very simple and required less energy but yielded very good results each day. Your regimen doesn’t need to be exactly like mine, but keeping it simple while you’re away is optimal to ensure success.
What tips would you add to this list? Please don’t be a stranger and share your knowledge!


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