Signature Scent: What Does Your Perfume Say About You?
By KARIF Contributor Robyne Boyce
The invitation of sultry and floral scented aromas delight our senses every day. From crowded subway stations to busy city streets, we cannot help but have our senses elevated with each and every encounter. Everyone has their go to scent…what does your perfume choice and scent say about you?Infused scents that create reactions, cause instant media campaigns, and become trending buzz-worthy scents of the seasons are what draws millions of shoppers to the counters of major makeup, fragrance, and health and beauty supply stores, capturing all eyes and attention.What drives a perfumer to concoct intoxicating smells are the creative tones a particular scent can create once sprayed and applied on delicate areas, such as your inside wrists, behind your ears, and neck area. A scent is more than a smell that tantalizes one’s senses; a scent that evokes memories of cotton candy, springtime rain or long summer nights is exactly what the perfumer’s scented magic was created to do.#TrendingParfumeScentsThe best scent for a romantic, sensitive, and sweet personality would be a bouquet of complementary florals, sure to woo even the most fickle of noses. Look for familiar notes like magnolia, jasmine, rose and lily. For the more fresh-minded, keep it light with a hint of lavender or a fresh herbal top note. For those with a hidden sultry side, pick up a fragrance with a bottom note of amber, wood, musk or vanilla.

 Try Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne, $51 , or Dior J'Adore, $72.#GetYourScentOn
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SeeByChloe_PinkLadySee By Chloe Eau FraicheFavoring the scent of hyacinth, apple blossom, and jasmine, this perfume offers a unique blend of intricate smells, creating a simple yet intoxicating scent.MarcJacobs_ForbiddenFruitsMarc Jacobs DaisyAn upbeat and vibrant scent created with the blending of blood orange, raspberry, and apricot. The scent will tickle your senses all day long.DolceGabanna_InBloomDOLCE & GABBANA DolceThe purity of this scent signifies the summery season in bloom. A fresh and absolutely untouchable scent formed from neroli leaves, white amaryllis, white daffodil, and white water lily. 

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