April 24, 2016
Beauty Vlogger of the Month: Miryam Oquendo!
We managed to catch up with Miryam Oquendo, one of our favorite beauty vloggers; highly known for her glamorous artistry and inexpensive beauty hacks! With origins in the Latin American country of Colombia, Miryam grew up in Queens, New York  and discovered her passion for beauty developed at a young age. Check out what her true turning point was, her inspiration for becoming a renowned self-taught make-up artist and her current beauty steal!  Miryam is not only super gorgeous and obviously talented, she exhibits a humble personality and is extremely down-to-earth -- Check out our conversation below!  
1.  Hey Miryam! We are simply in love with your great skills in make-up application and we're pretty sure beauty is your passion! How did it all begin?
Haha thank you! Yes it is :) It all began a couple of years back when I was in High School. I was a volunteer model for a non-profit organization a friend of mine had started called Shortstack Modeling Agency. It was a great program I took part in that was filled with beauty and inspiration, I modeled for them a couple of years in a row but eventually decided my favorite part and most exciting part was the make-up! So Shortstack also allowed me the privilege to become a volunteer make-up artist :)  
2. We can tell by your high number of followers and subscribers through social media sites like Instagram and YouTube that people love your work! What do you think attract fans and followers love the most about your beauty videos and/or advice?
I think what I have noticed has attracted people is that I am very inspired and motivated at the moment and I love to connect with all my followers/friends! I’m known for pushing all my friends to stay focused and continue to create looks. Staying active on social media is so much fun for everyone and it helps with being motivated to try new things and to keep practicing!  
3.  Great! What's one interesting thing most people don't know about you?
Hmmmm I would have to say probably that I am a really shy person! That’s why I love what I’m doing right now because it has helped me so much with that :)  
4.  What challenges did you face as a burgeoning makeup artist/ YouTube sensation?
So far, I would have to say starting out was the most challenging. You don’t know anyone, you’re not sure how to go about it, how to take good pictures and use lighting etc. It was really hard for me and still is, I still always switch up my posting style I like to play with different angles and collages haha but it took some getting use to and once I started heavily connecting with people, it made everything so much easier and much more fun!  
5.   Being that you've been covering beauty topics for many years, whats the one thing you think is missing in the beauty industry's offerings to women of color?
That’s easy! I personally love drugstore make-up and I know a lot of people do because it is so convenient and affordable but they don’t offer many shades. Drugstore brands are what we see advertised on tv but when you go to the stores, everything is so limited -_- makes no sense! I can’t afford to only buy online or at Sephora every time!  
6.  Let's cut to the chase: what's your current beauty steal?
Hands down, Loreal True Match foundation! It’s been my go-to for years and there’s always coupons! I love coupons <3  
7. Okay, okay! So what is your absolute favorite beauty technique or routine? Please dish!
My favorite technique is doing my foundation/highlight & contour routine with my fingers! It’s super quick and perfect for everyday make-up. It makes my skin look flawless & like if I didn’t try hard at all haha ;)  
8. We know that being a YouTube sensation has its many benefit; what have you found to be most rewarding about your experience?
The most rewarding thing is making friends with the same passion as you. Not everyone will understand us but we understand each other and that’s a great feeling! It makes you want to give it your all <3
  Check out this glamorous Latina's hits, tips and tricks on her personal Youtube channel or you may also find Miryam on Instagram as @glossythings! If you have a favorite beauty blogger/vlogger you'd like to nominate for KARIF's Beauty blogger of the month, shoot our editors and email at media@karifbeauty.com!  

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