Jump into this Spring's Hottest Nail Trends!!
In the same way that you make-up application is an art, so are nails! There are several nails trends that will be surfacing this Spring. We've just taken it upon ourselves to alert you so that you are ready. Before we begin our list, we just want to invite you to partake in the conversation! Use our hashtag, #karifbeauty to feature your nail art! We encourage all types of beauty creativity! Let's begin!1. LACE NAILSWe're loving the lace! A lot goes into creating this design so it may not be the easiest to recreate, but it is one of the hottest trends this Spring.  It's perfect for a romantic night or for any evening event since brings out the elegance just brimming off that outfit!lace_nails2. METALLIC NAILSFrankly, metallic nails are wearable in any season!  However, this spring they'll make a very strong reemergence.  They'll perfectly match any look whether it's buttoned up or casual.  Word of advice, though: Be very careful of which nail polish brands you purchase to achieve this look.  Some nail polish designs may advertise that their nail polishes create this effect, but many don't live up to it.  Purchase wisely!metallic nails3. PRETTY MATTEMattes are definitely in and will always be!! They're quite contradictory to me. Why's that, you ask? Because we're so accustomed to seeing nail polishes in different colors but in the same glossy finishes. Matte nails are a complete twist and fun to wear!matte-nail-polish4. TEXTURED NAILSThese nails give you an almost 3-D effect because of all of the texture their formulas have.  This particular nail polish, which we first introduced to you a while back, launched earlier last month in anticipation of this year's Spring trends.china glaze 20145. NUDE NAILSLike Matte nails, nude nails are hear to stay! They're simple enough for a casual look or silently glamorous for a fashionable night out!nude nails6. PASTEL NAILSEaster is around the corner, and you might be looking for ideas on how to dress your nails.  Pastel nails are highly appropriate for this occasion: they're low key yet colorful enough for a festive occasion or event!pastel-nailWhat do you think of our list? Are you ready to nail it?  Visit our Pinterest page for more nails inspiration!!Visit KARIF's profile on Pinterest.

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